Rapallo - Montallegro

Rapallo - Montallegro
  • Rapallo - Montallegro
  • Rapallo - Montallegro
  • Rapallo - Montallegro
  • Rapallo - Montallegro
  • Rapallo - Montallegro
  • Rapallo - Montallegro
  • Rapallo - Montallegro
Difficulty Medium-Low
Time 1h 20'
Signs segnaviasegnavia
Passing through

As a starting point we have chosen the church of San Francesco, behind Piazza del Polpo (near ancient castle on the sea).*

Take the wide stairway to the left of the church, rising through the houses to come out in the street Don Minzoni, turn left and follow the road for about 500 meters until you come to the right, a shortcut (a stone staircase) there lead in the church of St. Bartolomeo.
Go to the church and definitively abandoned driveway to continue on the old mule trail.

Accompanied by "sound" of the highway, climb along the cobbled path that climbs up from drywall and sides, with views of Sant 'Ambrogio and the entire valley.
Left out the only deviation that is present on your right and continue straight on to meet a private chapel and get to a small group of houses in the locality Pellegrino.

Take the left road for about 50 meters, to resume the trail to the right, which increases the slope
Then you will notice some questionable as unsightly panels blacks who, to protect the privacy of an individual, spoil the landscape and obscure to all hikers a magnificent view over the Gulf.

After passing this crap (unfortunately, visible from the city), the path continues winding, more features alternating shaded in the woods, to other more open (and very sunny in the summer).
Along the way a stone in yellow indicates that you're half way, followed by a small stone cottage, the only shelter in the event of a sudden thunderstorm.

If you are lucky enough to find it free, pause a moment on the bench stone faced shortly after to enjoy the splendid panorama that presents itself to you.
A short stretch of mostly flat (but slippery days in high humidity) with a view of San Maurizio dei Monti, anticipates a series of steps leading to the cableway station. From there continue on the road which comes under the imposing steps of the Sanctuary of Montallegro.

If you still want to take a stroll, you can go up to Monte Rosa, across the path behind the church, which in 10 'takes you to the top of retracing the steps of the Via Crucis.

* You can also start at the cableway (Maggiocco Street), The Pilgrim uphill along a path consisting of several flights of stairs that leads directly to the route described above in the locality Pellegrino.

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From 1h to 2h

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