San Rocco di Camogli

San Rocco di Camogli is a quiet small village surrounded by greenery, dominating the Golfo Paradiso from an altitude of 300 meters. The churchyard of the parish church of san Rocco faces the sea and offers a particularly striking view.

Throughout the year, but especially on weekends, San Rocco is very popular with hikers who start here to walk the various trails of the Portofino promontory.

San Rocco is also famous for the event "Premio Fedeltà del Cane", Dog Loyalty Award", which takes place every year on August 16 during the patron saint’s feast and honors dogs that have distinguished themselves for their loyalty to their masters.

San Rocco can be reached: by car, exiting the freeway at Rapallo or Recco and continuing on the Via Aurelia to Ruta di Camogli (follow signs from here); by bus from Ruta di Camogli, via a nice walk from Ruta or from Camogli (Via del Boschetto).

500 meters before entering the village there is a pay parking lot for visitors. Parking spaces within the village are only for residents.