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From Lavagna or Cavi

Some ideas of trails and itineraries starting from the city of Lavagna.

The paths of Lavagna, described on PortofinoTrek, offer a unique journey through the majesty of nature and the abandoned testimonies of slate quarries. Venturing along these paths means immersing oneself in an enchanting landscape, where dense woods alternate with open scenarios overlooking the splendid Gulf of Tigullio.

The magic begins among chestnut and olive trees, winding through the slate quarries, a testament to an ancient extraction activity that shaped the territory. Stone walls tell stories of craftsmanship and hard work.

The culmination of the excursion provides breathtaking panoramas of the Gulf of Tigullio, where the sea merges with the sky and the surrounding hills are painted with shades of green. The paths of Lavagna are a symphony of nature and history, an experience that captures the senses and nourishes the spirit of adventurers seeking a connection with the authentic beauty of Liguria.

Here you can also find paths starting from Cavi di Lavagna and Cogorno.