General Sales Terms and Conditions

Art. 1 - General Provisions

1. Users browsing this area access the Portofinotrek website, accessible at the URL: Browsing and placing an order for purchase on the website imply acceptance of the Terms and Data Protection Policies adopted by the website, as indicated herein.

2. These General Sales Terms and Conditions apply to the sale of products exclusively with reference to purchases made on the website in accordance with the provisions of Part III, Title III, Chapter I, Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. 206/05 amended by Legislative Decree no. 21/14 and Legislative Decree 70/03) by

Address: Via Castellino 1
VAT Number: 02765570995

3. Users are required, before accessing the products provided by the website, to read these General Sales Terms and Conditions, which are generally and unequivocally accepted at the time of purchase.

4. Users are encouraged to download and print a copy of the purchase form and these General Sales Terms and Conditions, the terms of which Portofinotrek reserves the right to unilaterally amend without notice.

5. The website can be used, and therefore access to its products is available, in the following languages: English, French

Art. 2 - Subject Matter

1. These General Sales Terms and Conditions govern the offer, submission, and acceptance of purchase orders for products on and do not govern the provision of services or the sale of products by entities other than the seller present on the same website via links, banners, or other hypertext links.

2. Before placing orders and purchasing products and services from other entities, it is advisable to check their sales terms.

Art. 3 - Conclusion of the Contract

1. To conclude the purchase contract, it will be necessary to fill out the electronic form and submit it following the instructions provided.

2. The form includes a reference to the General Sales Terms and Conditions, images of each product and its price, the means of payment that can be used, and a reference to the conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal.

3. Before concluding the contract, you will be asked to confirm that you have read the General Sales Terms and Conditions, including the information on the right of withdrawal and the processing of personal data.

4. The contract is concluded when the seller receives the form completed by the user.

5. The buyer will be obligated to pay the price from the moment the online order submission process is completed. This will happen by clicking the "Submit Order" button at the end of the guided procedure or by clicking the "Pay with PayPal" button on the product page or in subsequent steps; in this case, the transaction will be completed directly on the PayPal website.

Art. 4 - Registered Users

1. When completing the registration procedures, the user agrees to follow the instructions on the website and provide their personal data correctly and truthfully.

2. If the user provides incorrect or incomplete data or if there is a dispute by interested parties regarding payments made, has the right not to activate or suspend the service until the relevant shortcomings are rectified.

3. Upon the user's first request to activate a profile, will assign a username and password. The user acknowledges that these identifiers constitute the validation system for accessing the services and the only system capable of identifying the user for acts performed through such access, which will be attributed to the user and will have binding effect on the user.

4. The user agrees to keep their login credentials confidential and to handle them with due care and diligence, not even temporarily transferring them to third parties.

Art. 5 - Product Availability

1. Product availability is unlimited.

Art. 6 - Offered Products

1. markets:

   - Subscription to the website with the same name according to the details listed on the product sheet.

   - Paper and/or digital trail maps, the details of which are provided on the respective product sheet.

   - Customized itineraries (Trek) in the form of digital files, the details of which are provided on the respective product sheet.

2. The offer is detailed on our website at the following link: [](

Art. 7 - Payment Methods and Prices

1. The price of the products will be as indicated on the website from time to time unless there is an obvious error.

2. In the event of an error, will notify the buyer as soon as possible, allowing the order to be confirmed at the correct amount or canceled. In any case, will not be obliged to provide what was sold at the erroneously indicated lower price.

3. The prices on the website are VAT exempt. Prices may change at any time. Changes will not affect orders for which an order confirmation has already been sent.

4. Once the desired products have been selected, they will be added to the cart. It will be sufficient to follow the instructions for purchase, entering or verifying the information requested in each step of the process.

5. Payment can be made by: Credit Card, PayPal.

Art. 8 - Delivery

1. Delivery will be made by the shipping methods indicated during the order process.

Art. 11 - Right of Withdrawal

1. As for virtual subscription products, there is no right of withdrawal. If the user wishes to suspend the subscription service, they must notify us through the contact form [available on the contact page](, and the service will be suspended within 24 hours, but no refunds of amounts paid are provided.

2. For physical products (paper map), standard withdrawal conditions that govern online purchases are applied.

3. Buyer data is processed in accordance with the provisions of personal data protection regulations, as specified in the dedicated section containing the information pursuant to Article 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (Privacy Policy).

Art. 13 - Safeguard Clause

1. In the event that any of the clauses of these General Sales Terms and Conditions are null and void for any reason, this will not in any way affect the validity and compliance with the other provisions contained in these General Sales Terms and Conditions.

Art. 15 - Contacts

1. Any requests for information can be sent by email to the following address:

Art. 16 - Applicable Law and Competent Court

1. These General Sales Terms and Conditions are governed by Italian law and interpreted accordingly, without prejudice to any prevailing mandatory provisions of the habitual residence country of the buyer. Consequently, the interpretation, execution, and resolution of these General Sales Terms and Conditions are subject exclusively to Italian law.

2. Any disputes relating to or arising from these terms and conditions must be exclusively resolved by the Italian judicial authority. In particular, if the buyer is a Consumer, any disputes must be resolved by the court of the place of domicile or residence of the buyer in accordance with the applicable law.

These terms and conditions were drafted on 10/10/2021 and updated on 20/09/2023.