The main attraction is the medieval old town, the pedestrian area characterised by ancient porticoes that allow one to stroll in tranquillity, sheltered from the sun and rain, among numerous shops, bars, and historic restaurants where one can taste typical Ligurian dishes, including the unfailingly delicious "Farinata".

The imposing cathedral of Ns. Signora dell'Orto, built between 1613 and 1633 after an apparition of the Virgin Mary to an inhabitant of Chiavari and today the bishopric of the Diocese of Chiavari, is worth a visit. Also worth a visit Palazzo Rocca, site of an Archaeological Museum on Prehistory and Protohistory of Tigullio and a Picture Gallery. Its interesting botanical garden where numerous and various tropical plants are kept.
Last but not least, the Castle of Chiavari (which can only be visited from the outside) built around 1100 to protect the valley.

Moving to the sea side we find the Marina, a structure that offers more than 600 berths as well as being the boarding point for boats to the other locations of Gulf of Tigullio, the 5 Terre and Genoa as well.
From the marina there is a long promenade on the sea, about 2 kilometers long, overlooking the beautiful bathing beaches, which ends in the picturesque Piazzetta dei Pescatori . Along the way there is no shortage of interesting places where you can stop for an ice cream, a delicious pizza or a rich appetizer, maybe during the sunset

But that's not all, Chiavari is also a destination for hikers with an excellent network of paths, recently recovered and enhanced thanks to the collaboration between the Municipality and a group of passionate experts, which, along the ancient "Creuze", allows you to create more or shorter and with the possibility of reaching the hinterland and neighboring villages.