Portofino is a place known throughout the world because the destination of many personalities from the worlds of entertainment, politics and celebrities. Coming from the sea appears as a a small and ancient town has not changed over the years. The first image that comes before our eyes is a group of multicolored houses, high and narrow, arranged along the bay, surrounded by lush vegetation of the Park of Portofino.

Looking more closely, one immediately realizes that there has been some changes: elegant boutiques of the biggest names in fashion, have taken the place of small craft shops and luxury yachts crowd the marina, once a shelter for small fishing boats fishermen now almost disappeared.

After a walk to discover the village, between the pier and the tiny "carruggi ", we recommend you visit the lighthouse, which is reached in 15 minutes with a path that starts from the famous "piazzetta".

Equally interesting are the beautiful Church of St. George and Castello Brown, the fortress overlooking Portofino from above.

Portofino can be reached by all means: by bus from Santa Margherita Ligure, by boat from Santa Margherita and Rapallo, walk down from the promontory and by car (not recommended, especially during high season for the possibility of traffic jams and high parking charges).