Moneglia, the last municipality to the east of the Gulf of Tigullio, stands inside a bay protected by two promontories, Punta Moneglia to the west which separates it from Riva Trigoso and Punta Rospo, on the border with Deiva Marina, already in the La Spezia province.

The seaside village, which can be reached through tunnels with alternating one-way traffic regulated by a traffic light, has the particularity of having two parish churches and two fortresses, testifying to the fact that in ancient times, before the stream was covered, the town was divided into two distinct villages.

Moneglia is the ideal place for those who want a holiday of relaxation, sea and culture, far from the frenzy of mass tourism. A true corner of paradise where time seems to slow down and the soul is regenerated.

Walking in the historic center, among a wide range of shops, bars and restaurants, you can visit the ancient Church of Santa Croce overlooking a precious churchyard in black and white pebble mosaic (typical Ligurian "risseu") which, among other attractions, on one side bears a commemorative plaque and two rings from the Pisa's harbour chain, in memory of the victory of the Genoese over the Pisans in the battle of Meloria in 1284.

Next to the church stands the oratory of the Disciplinati, dating back to the 10th century, which houses ancient frescoes.

Crossing the "caruggi" you arrive at the second parish church of the city, the Church of San Giorgio, built at the end of the 14th century by the Benedictine monks, with the adjacent Franciscan cloister, which can still be visited even if today it houses a luxurious bed & breakfast.

Looking up at the hill, you can admire the Monleone Fortress built by the Republic of Genoa for defensive purposes as the Torre di Villafranca, of which the remains are in the eastern part of the city.

The particularly mild climate, a coastline with alternating white sand beaches, partly free and partly equipped, and a clear and clean sea certified by the prestigious "blue flag" make Moneglia one of the most popular places on the Ligurian Riviera for seaside tourism.

A series of well-maintained and signposted paths start from the sea, climbing towards the panoramic hillside hamlets (among all of them, the delightful Lemeglio deserves a special mention) and continuing westwards towards Sestri Levante and eastwards towards the 5 Terre