Limits of Responsibility and Exemptions

  • Although Portofinotrek checks and updates its content regularly, as far as possible, so the content of the Website is accurate, complete and reliable, Portofinotrek cannot rule out the possibility of there being any errors in the itinerary descriptions and metadata, or places of interest or any other content whether in the form of text or images.
    The website offers routes through marked and unmarked paths; the user who decides to follow the paths mentioned on this website does so at his own risk and therefore assumes his own responsibilities in the case.
  • The use of all the content, route directions and details found in Portofinotrek is solely at the user’s risk.
  • Descriptions, routes, GPS data, and images are for illustration purposes only and do not provide information about any dangers or about the conditions of the routes in detail. Portofinotrek is not responsible for the accuracy and quality of the information relating to routes and road directions, or for ensuring that this information is up to date and complete.
  • The user is entirely responsible for ensuring that the information is up to date and assessing the risks associated with any of the proposed activities before embarking on them.
  • The user is also responsible for complying with the rules and regulations, prohibitions and restrictions in place in the area.
  • Any recommendations about the difficulty and duration of any of the routes are only for indicative purposes and refer to the average estimated by Portofinotrek members under ideal conditions; these recommendations may be subject to variations based on weather conditions or on other environmental factors.