All the paths lead to Montallegro

Montallegro is a fraction of the Municipality of Rapallo located at 600 meters above sea level. and known for the Our lady of Montallegro Shrine, built here in 1559, later to the apparition of the Madonna in 1957 in front of farmer Giovanni Chichizola.

This hilly location, in addition to being a destination for devotees and pilgrims, and in addition to offering a little refreshment on sunny summer days, is frequented by hikers and bikers throughout the year for the many paths that can be followed.
Montallegro is in fact at the center of a path network which connects the municipalities of Golfo del Tigullio with those of Fontabuona, allowing you to create more or less long itineraries with different levels of difficulty.

Below we propose some with links to the website to read all the details.

- Rapallo - Montallegro: This is the oldest, best known and fastest path to climb up to Montallegro starting from Rapallo, which in the nine days preceding the Rapallo festival, July 2, is traveled by the faithful to the Madonna at night.

- Tuja trail: Recently arranged and enhanced by the CAI of Rapallo and by some volunteers, it is a beautiful but demanding route that runs along the Tuja river in its first part.

- Rapallo - Sant'Ambrogio - Montallegro: An itinerary that alternates sections in the woods with very panoramic views.

- Montallegro - Passo della Crocetta - Rapallo:  A path that, combined with the ancient mule track, forms a ring trail starting from Rapallo.

- Zoagli - Montallegro: Starting from the main square of Zoagli going up directly until you cross the path that comes from Sant 'Ambrogio.

- Rapallo - San Maurizio dei Monti - Crocetta - Rapallo: The first part of this route follows the ancient "VIa del sale" and passes in front of the mill complex of San Maurizio dei Monti. Once you arrive at Passo della Crocetta, instead of going down to Rapallo, you can continue to the right to reach Montallegro after a pleasant 30 minutes walk.

- Rapallo - Montallegro - Chiavari: A high-altitude crossing from Rapallo to Chiavari, with panoramic stretches, which can also be traveled in reverse.

- La cornice di Rapallo:Very beautiful itinerary, all along the crest of the mountains, recommended for expert hikers both for the length and for the presence of some passages on rock equipped with chains.

- Coreglia ring trail: a ring trail from Montallegro to Coreglia, in Val Fontanabuona.

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