Trail Passo di Romaggi - Monte Ramaceto - Bocca di Feia

Difficulty Medium
Duration 4h 30'
Length Km 11,000
Footpath signs Segnavia 7 passi + + Alta via
Dislivello723m - 1315m | dislivello positivo 603m | dislivello positivo 603m
StartStarting point
Passing through

This is the classic loop trail to climb Mount Ramaceto, starting from the Passo di Romaggi (or Pozza dei Lupi), which can be reached from Carasco (10 minutes by car from the Lavagna highway exit) with two alternatives: from the Val Fontanabuona road, climbing from San Colombano Certenoli to the village of Romaggi and then to the pass; from the 586 Val D’Aveto road turning left at Terrarossa, to reach the Cichero location and then Passo di Romaggi.

Along the route, there are no water sources, so it is recommended to start with an adequate supply of water.
Once the car is parked along the road near the main signboard, take the left path that ascends, initially gently, into the woods with FIE trail markers due-cerchi-pieni.png. This is also the Path of the 7 Steps 7 Steps Trail Marker that starts in Carasco.

Once out of the woods, the path overlooks the valley below with a magnificent view of the surrounding peaks. At a junction, ignore the left deviation that ascends to Monte Mignago (the summit can be reached in 15 minutes) and continue straight ahead. Now the terrain becomes rocky and starts to ascend to the Passo del Dente, where the path joins the one coming from Costa di Soglio; continue crossing a point characterized by large slabs of broken stone.

At the next junction, at Pian dei Baci, leave the 7 Steps Trail Marker to continue to the right and begin the steep ascent to the summit, guided by the trail marker due-cerchi-pieni.png.

After an initial stretch in the woods, the ascent continues steeply but accompanied by a very beautiful landscape, where the trail advances through grassy terrain, summer pasture for cows, and some small rocks.

The trail markers are not always so visible, so attention must be paid.

With a final (brief) passage directly on rock, and after about 2 hours and 15 minutes from the start, you'll reach the small chapel of Monte Ramaceto (1320 m above sea level), also useful as shelter in case of sudden bad weather.
The view from the summit repays all the effort made to reach it (hence it is recommended to plan the excursion on a clear day).

Leaving the chapel behind, follow the signs of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri Alta via to begin the exciting descent (to the west) along a highly panoramic grassy ridge and arrive, after about 20 minutes, at Bocca di Feia, a crossroads of paths that allows you to continue in different directions.

Our itinerary continues with the trail that descends to the left to reconnect, after about 500 meters, with the 7 Passi itinerary.

At the intersection, continue to the left along a very pleasant trail of about 2.4 km mostly flat, surrounded by ferns which, in the summer season, could be invasive.

Crossing, from time to time, some streams and a panoramic point where a bench has been placed, you'll arrive again at Pian dei Baci right at the junction encountered on the outward journey and which ascends to Ramaceto (now on the left).

From here, retrace the same section of trail taken on the way out to return to the Passo di Romaggi, where this itinerary ends.

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From 5h to 7h
Length Km
15 - 20


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