Trail map of Portofino park, Rapallo and Zoagli

The portofinotrek trail map is finally on sale!

A paper map in 1:25.000 scale with all the paths of the Portofino Regional Natural Park, Rapallo, Zoagli up to Chiavari.

It is very useful to check during a trail, but especially when you are planning an outdoor excursion.

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You will contribute to the reforestation of the planet by making this purchase.

In cooperation with Tree-nation

Why buy this map specifically?

Simply because it was created by a group of local people who live in the area and who constantly walk these paths, helping with maintenance and reporting problems, when possible.

The map covers the municipalities of Camogli, Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Zoagli, and the main paths leading to Chiavari.

With a total of over 300 kilometers of trails, you'll be able to discover the most beautiful and popular parts, as well as hidden areas of this Tigullio region, equally attractive and unmissable.

All the routes have been verified by us and are accessible at the time of printing.

Routes without trail markers are depicted on the map with a thin red line, while marked ones are represented with a bold red line.

The reverse side of the map is dedicated to a brief legend and a series of QR codes that link to suggested itinerary recommendations on this website, starting from the main locations.

By also purchasing the digital map, you'll be able to access our Google Map,for a duration of 6 months, to view and navigate other paths not present on the paper map (a Gmail account is required). The digital map is continuously updated, and the tracks are highlighted with different colors based on the respective municipality.

It's very important to approach each outing with awareness and preparation to avoid the unfortunate inconveniences that we constantly witness.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a well-informed hiking experience.


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