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Santa Margherita - Nozarego - Portofino - Paraggi - Gave -Santa Margherita

Difficulty Medium
Duration 3h 30'
Length km. 9,500
Footpath signs segnavia + segnavia
Dislivello 0m - 366m | dislivello positivo 665m | dislivello positivo 664m
StartStarting point

This circular route begins and ends in Santa Margherita Ligure and starts from Salita Montebello , the driveway behind the petrol station just in front of the tourist port. After passing some houses, the road becomes a mule track which, between enclosure walls and land planted with olive trees, arrives at the Chapel of the Madonna della Neve , in Nozarego .
Continuing for a few meters to the main road, on the left, we meet the first of the two paths (the other is a little further on, in front of the church of Nozarego) that goes into the Park of Portofino.

After the initial climb, the trail advances in plain overlooking the Gulf up to Gave, a crossroads of paths marked by a small chapel.

Marked by the signpost symbol segnavia, the mule track on the right, shaded by a forest of pines and oaks and then continue in open countryside along some houses, cultivated terraces and some small vineyard. This brings us to a point of stopping equipped with benches, tables and tap for drinking water at the Mulino di Gassetta, eco-museum and restaurant area.

The mule track now becomes a driveway (mainly for the inhabitants) and, in a short time, in Olmi it joins the main axis of the Monte, the Portofino Vetta-Portofino Mare itinerary.

Continuing to the left, towards Portofino you descend with a pleasant path that takes place between beautiful villas, well-kept gardens, vegetable gardens and postcard landscapes.

Arrived at the stopping point, where this joins the path from San Fruttuoso, we go left and, outnumbering a turret, in the locality Terruzzo, and a small football field, we arrive in San Sebastiano, consisting of a small group of houses and a pretty little church.

The descent becomes gradually more and more steep but just as exciting for scenarios offering: the Bay of Paraggi, Castello Brown, the "square" of Portofino and the Church of San Giorgio.

The arrival in the famous village is the parish church of San Martino.

From here, after a visit in Portofino, we take the path Portofino-Paraggi, a walk a little above the drive way but surrounded by greenery of the park, which in about 30 minutes leading to Paraggi.

After a few meters on the main road towards Santa Margherita Ligure, the tour continues with a small, but steep stairway, we meet at the entrance to Paraggi car park, next to the restaurant.

The ascent, which winds between high garden walls and bands, has a steep slope that makes it pretty hard but, in a short (25 minutes) comes out in chapel of Gave, the location met on first leg.

Not to retrace the journey already made, continue straight on the main path until the Nozarego church and get off at Santa Margherita Ligure with the staircase located at the restaurant "La Primula" (under the road) and in 15 minutes it arrives in via della Madonnetta, a cross street to the promenade in Santa Margherita Ligure, Otherwise reach the Madonnetta della Neve church and coming down on the same path.

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Data sheet

From 3h to 4h
Length Km
8 - 10


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