Loop trail Monte San Giacomo - VIlla Loto - Selva - Monte Capenardo

Difficulty Easy
Duration 3h 15'
Length Km 11,400
Footpath signs Cerchio rosso vuoto + + t-rovesciata.png + triangolo vuoto + cerchio pieno
Dislivello 321m - 698m | dislivello positivo 546m | dislivello positivo 546m
PartenzaStarting point
Passing through

This is itinerary that unfolds through the paths of 4 municipalities in Tigullio: Cogorno, Ne, Sestri Levante, Lavagna.

The starting point is the square of Monte San Giacomo, in the municipality of Cogorno, reachable by car from Cogorno, driving the SP34 towards Monticelli and then continuing following the signs for M.te S. Giacomo.
It is also possible to hike up with a slightly over an hour climb starting from the Basilica dei Fieschi indicated by 10A.

Keeping the church on the right, walk along the uphill paved road, and shortly after, take the easy staircase that always starts on the right.
Continue climbing, passing an open-air quarry until, after about 400 meters, you reach a junction where you continue left following the trail marker Empty red circle named "percorso monte san Giacomo via Castagneto".
It's a very simple and pleasant path through a chestnut forest, where you come across ancient abandoned farmhouses.

After a little less than 2 km, you'll reach the eastern slopes of Monte Rocchette near a crossroads where there is also a table with wooden benches.

At this point, take the path that descends to the left following the trail marker cerchio-linea.png, a trail that is initially not very noticeable but after a few meters becomes a beautiful path that descends into a chestnut forest to reach, after about 1.5 km, the Northern Slopes of Monte Capenardo.

To the left of the trail that goes straight to the summit of Monte Capenardo, you'll find the path that descends towards Villa Loto marked with t-rovesciata.png.
This is also a pleasant path, like the previous one, all in a slight descent that occasionally offers beautiful views of the Val Graveglia, and after a little less than 2 km, it arrives in the very quiet village of Villa Loto, a fraction of Sestri Levante, near the church's parvis. There is a drinking water tap nearby.

For the return, take the outbound path for about 400 meters until you come across a very artisanal wooden sign on the left indicating the direction to Selva. Ascend for about a kilometer without too much effort until you reach Selva, on the ridge that connects Sestri Levante to Lavagna and San Salvatore dei Fieschi.

Now turn right and ascend towards Monte Capenardo following the trail marker triangolo vuoto for about 1.5 km along a path that in the summer could be surrounded by brambles. Once you reach the 693 meters of Monte Capenardo, where thick vegetation prevents you from enjoying the view, continue on a flat cerchio pieno path with some ups and downs to Rocchette, the location already visited on the way there.
This time continue straight on the uphill path reaching in 300 meters, Monte Rocchette (700 m above sea level).

Continue on a pleasant path that now offers breathtaking views of the entire Gulf of Tigullio and in particular Chiavari and Lavagna until you intersect the outbound path that leads back to the square of Monte San Giacomo where this enjoyable itinerary ends.

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From 3h to 4h
Length Km
10 - 15


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