Castello della Pietra (Monte Antola)

Castello della Pietra (Monte Antola)
  • Castello della Pietra (Monte Antola)
Difficulty Easy
Time 1h 30' (one way)
Length km. 4,900 (one way)
Signs segnavia sentiero castellani + segnavia sentiero castellani

Today we planned a trip to the lakes Gorzente with two friends and their two dogs, but when we find that up to the end of September this route is not accessible to the dogs decide to "fall back" on the Stone Castle, manor house dating back to 1000 AD perfectly nestled between two rocks of Mount Antola ... the trip will prove to be exciting!

inizio sentiero castello della pietra

After you have gone over the motorway Genoa-Milan we head to Isola del Cantone, and, after the toll booth, continue to the right, towards Vobbia. Along the road we meet, on the left, a first access to the castle (it is the shortest path: 20 minutes), but we continue to search for the "sentiero die castellani."

Shortly before reaching Vobbia, turn left to Torre, a small group of houses, from which begins the hike. Parked the car, finding no indication, we take a path that sneaks between the houses and then up through the fields. A beautiful trail but soon we realize that it is not the right direction, then go back and, thanks to the indications of some residents, we find our path back to the house with the bow, the gravel road to our right.

Here we finally find a panel with all the informations.

vista su Vobbia

After crossing a wooden bridge, a stony path, in gentle ascent, leads us first through a forest and then in a more open stretch where we can enjoy some views over the area of Vobbia. When you reach a junction go left on the "sentirodei castellani" that advances in plan..

Along the way, which develops mostly in the woods, 10 stages are reported that illustrate the characteristics of the site and witness the activities that you once held the peasants. After Poggetto, seems to arise where a lookout tower, we find the remains of Secchereccio, where were dried chestnuts and Pitch Coal, where they produced the charcoal. Then follow some steps indicative of the territory: Conglomerato, the rock responsible for the appearance of this particular place, and the Canyon, carved by the river Vobbia, we can see below us.

castello della pietra (Vobbia)

Going down in a thick forest of chestnut and hazel we come to another bridge that allows us to cross a small stream, where dogs can drink, then back to the other side of the ridge and arrive at a point where in front of us is the stands the unique castle. No picture can give an idea of the beauty of this unique fortress, listed as "Italians National Monuments."


We walk in the woods and yet suddenly, overcome on the right road and park area with tables and wooden benches (step # 10), we are still waiting for about 15 minutes of walking to get to the bottom of the Castle of Stone we access with a steep staircase.

After an inevitable visit to the castle (entrance ticket costs € 5. Currently the tower that leads to the summit, is not accessible) for the return of going back over the same route, with lunch to the park.

Our path traced by GPS