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Portofino Vetta - San Fruttuoso

Difficulty  Low
Duration 1h 20'
Lenght km 3,000
Footpath sign Segnavia Portofino vette - San Fruttuoso
Dislivello3m - 464m | dislivello positivo 67m | dislivello positivo 461m
StartStarting point

The starting point for this excursion is Portofino Vetta, which you can reach by your own means or on foot from Ruta di Camogli.

Once you have parked your car in the parking lot on your right, you'll see the entrance to the Park in front of you. A short path will lead you to the main trail, which you should follow to the right.

Upon reaching the main trail, turn right (turning left takes you back to Ruta) and continue straight, ignoring the first left turn (leading to San Lorenzo della Costa), and two other right turns that you will encounter near the Gaixella location.

Gaixella is a rest area equipped with benches, a table, and a drinking water tap, similar to Pietre Strette, which you encounter right after. Here, turn right and pass between the impressive puddingstone rocks to continue on the well-marked path that descends to San Fruttuoso di Camogli.

The entire descent route begins shaded by the woods and consists of a series of switchbacks. After about 20 minutes, you'll reach the Caselle spring and shortly after, an old mill, now restored and used as a farmhouse where you can stay overnight or stop for lunch.

From here, sunny stretches alternate with olive grove-lined sections and shadier stretches that run alongside a small stream, leading to the 16th-century Torre Doria, worthy of a visit.

A steep staircase emerges behind the Abbazia, granting access to the charming village.

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From 1h to 2h
Length Km
2 - 4


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