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Portofino Vetta - Pietre strette

Difficulty Low
Duration 15'
Length Km. 1,200
Footpath signs Segnavia Portofino vetta - San Fruttuoso
Dislivello 414m - 461m | dislivello positivo 76m | dislivello positivo 37m
StartStarting point

This path is undoubtedly the most frequented on the "Portofino Park," not only because it serves as the gateway to all the other trails but also because it's a simple and pleasant stroll that doesn't require any particular expertise, making it suitable for everyone.

The trail, mostly flat with some gentle slopes, starts from the entrance of the Park behind the Hotel and passes under the somewhat unsightly Rai antennas. After 5 minutes, it reaches the Gaixella area.

This small area, a crossroads of numerous trails (Semaforo Nuovo, Semaforo Vecchio, San Rocco), is equipped with benches, wooden tables, and a tap for drinking water.

The journey continues by following the wide shaded path that, in a short and easy walk, arrives at Pietre Strette, the heart of Monte di Portofino.

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Up to 1h
Length Km
0 - 2


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