Trail ring Uscio - Passo Serra - Caravaggio

Difficulty Medium
Duration 4h 40'
Length km. 16,000
Footpath signs Due cerchi vuoti + Segnavia XX + Triangolo vuoto + tre pallini
Dislivello352m - 624m | dislivello positivo 712m | dislivello positivo 712m
PartenzaStarting point
Passing through

The starting point of this itinerary is in Uscio, in front of the Church of Sant'Ambrogio, where you take Via Costa Chiesa, on the left, which in a few meters leads to Via Bisagno.
From here, you continue to the right and reach the trailhead at the beginning of Via Arnaldi.

It is a mule track that ascends through a chestnut forest and, after crossing a small cluster of scattered houses, it reaches Passo Casetti, characterized by a wooden bridge and a small votive shrine. You cross the bridge, guided by the FIE trail markers Due cerchi vuoti and with an easy walk of about 1.7 km, which avoids the ascent to Monte Tugio, you reach Passo della Spinarola, where the drivable road connecting Uscio to Fontanabuona also arrives.

Here, you descend and take the trail on the left, marked with Segnavia XX, towards Passo Serra.

This part of the route, being north-facing, is not very sunny, and the trail is narrow with some tricky sections. During winter and in wet weather, it can be slippery, so it is recommended to exercise extra caution.

After a series of ups and downs, in just over half an hour, you reach Passo Serra.

You bypass the trail that ascends to Monte Borgo and continue on the coastal path marked with a triangle symbol Triangolo vuoto. The trail is narrow, but since it is practically flat, it is easy and very enjoyable. It offers stunning panoramic views and quickly reaches the "pendici di Monte Bello".

By continuing ahead and always following the trail markers Due cerchi vuoti you reach Passo del Gallo, a beautiful area with a wide open space equipped with wooden tables and benches. After a few meters, you will reach Pian del Gallo.

Continuing on, you follow the leftmost trail that ascends (the right trail bypasses the summit) towards the peak of Monte Orsena (614 meters above sea level). This involves a steep ascent of approximately 800 meters through the forest.
The effort is rewarded by the breathtaking sight that unfolds before your eyes when you find yourself in front of the Sanctuary of Madonna di Caravaggio (reachable only on foot) and the panoramic view all around. With a glance, you can take in the view from the town of Rapallo below to the Punta Manara Promontory in Sestri Levante. There are some wooden tables with benches where you can take a rest here.

It's time to continue the journey by descending the staircase in front of the church, which leads to the helicopter landing platform. From there, you turn right and continue descending towards the Piane di Caravaggio.

Once here, you turn back and take the trail on the right, marked with the same trail marker Due cerchi vuoti.
The route, simple and flat, after 1.4 km, leads back to Passo del Gallo, where you retrace the section that takes you back to the slopes of Montebello. This time, you continue to the left, always following the same trail marker.
This trail is more exposed to the sun and offers panoramic views compared to the one on the way there. It allows you to return to Passo della Spinarola, enjoying a pleasant walk of approximately 2.5 km.

Upon reaching Passo della Spinarola, you cross the bridge and follow the same trail as before to return to Passo Casetti. From there, you descend on Via Arnaldi and eventually reach the church at Uscio city center, thus concluding this circular route that spans between the municipalities of Uscio and Rapallo.

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Data sheet

From 4h to 5h
Length Km
15 - 20


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