Riva Trigoso - Punta Baffe - Monte Moneglia - Monte Comunaglia

Difficulty Medium
Duration 4h 00'
Length km. 11,300
Footpath sign 2 cerchi vuoti + linea punto + segnavia punta manara +
Dislivello19m - 520m | dislivello positivo 610m | dislivello positivo 612m
PartenzaStarting point
Passing through

An itinerary combines the classic excursion from Riva Trigoso to Punta Baffe with the ascent to the peaks of Monte Moneglia and Monte Comunaglia.
It is advisable to start with an adequate water supply as there are no drinking water taps or sources along the route.

The starting point is Riva Trigoso, a hamlet of Sestri Levante, which is well connected by public transportation. There are parking options available near the cemetery. In front of the bocce court, you can easily find the signs for "Punta Baffe," a trail marked by FIE (Italian Excursionist Federation) 2 cerchi vuoti which begins on an uphill asphalt road and then continues with a series of switchbacks on a dirt road before reaching the actual trail.

This first part of the itinerary is characterized by a marvelous scenery, with valleys on one side and the inviting sea on the other, which encourages stopping at one of the many benches placed in strategic points.
Without any difficulty, you will reach the junction for Torre di Punta Baffe, where the watchtower was built around the year one thousand by the Republic of Genoa to spot Saracen pirates. Behind the tower, there is a resting area with benches and tables that offers a highly panoramic view.

Once back at the junction, we take the path to the right towards Monte Moneglia. The trail ascends gently, surrounded by typical Mediterranean vegetation but with an open and panoramic view. We continue until we reach a first trail intersection at a place called Colle del Lago. We follow the signs for Casaggiori, following the footpath sign linea punto.
From here, the ascent begins, occasionally steep, on a mixed terrain of soil and gravel, which can be quite uneven. Especially when descending and in wet conditions, it may become slippery.

The arrival at the summit of Monte Moneglia (521 meters above sea level) is somewhat disappointing from a landscape perspective because the dense vegetation obstructs the view, preventing one from fully enjoying the panoramic scenery during the ascent. Following the ridge downhill segnavia punta manara, you head towards the other summit, Monte Comunaglia (444 meters above sea level). Here, the view is considerably better and stretches across the Gulf, from Moneglia to the promontory of Monterosso in the Cinque Terre area.

You continue descending , facing a steep and slippery downhill stretch that requires a lot of attention, especially when the ground is wet. It is advisable to use trekking poles to assist with stability and balance during this section. fter 400 meters, at the end of the descent, you will connect to the Colle del Lago - Moneglia trail.

Continuing to the right by following the same trail markers , along a very pleasant and extraordinary scenic stretch until you reach Colle del Lago once again. Here, you can take a break at a designated area equipped with wooden tables and benches before following the direction towards Villa Manierta .

The initial descent, on rocky terrain with gravel, can be a bit tricky, but it gradually becomes easier and more enjoyable. Along the way, you will be treated to breathtaking panoramic views of Riva Trigoso and Sestri Levante, which add to the beauty of the journey.
After about 1.5 kilometers, when the trail merges onto a dirt road that soon becomes paved, you will reach the residential area of Villa Manierta.

You follow the road until you reach the vicinity of the railway, then you turn left and pass under the railway bridge to return to the starting point of the itinerary.

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