Trail ring Bargone - Bocco di Bargone - Monte Alpe

Difficulty Medium
Duration 6h
Length km. 14,500
Footpath signs triangolo + segnavia + cerchio vuoto +
Dislivello297m - 1097m | dislivello positivo 971m | dislivello positivo 971m
StartStarting point
Passing through

Circular itinerary starting from Bargone, a small hamlet of Casarza Ligure, that leads to the summit of Mount Alpe (1,094 m above sea level) in the Val di Vara. As there are no water sources along the way, it is recommended to stock up before starting the hike.

The starting point is in the small square of this charming village (reachable in about 15 minutes by car from the Sestri Levante exit), where there are several parking spots, a fountain, and a signboard explaining the hiking trails. You walk following the FIE trail markers Red triangle along a flat path that winds through cultivated land and a few scattered houses until you reach Via delle Fragole, the drivable road that you follow to the right for a few meters until you find, on the left, a concrete staircase that climbs up to Costa di Bargone.
After crossing the picturesque cluster of houses perched on the hillside, the trail enters the woods, crossing a small stream before climbing, at times quite steeply, over rocky terrain surrounded by Mediterranean scrub.

Upon reaching a solitary red house (Cà de Movea), you pass behind it to continue following the trail markers and reach a beautiful plain that offers a small taste of the view that you will be able to admire from the summit. Shortly thereafter, you reach Passo del Bocco di Bargone, a crossroads of numerous trails.

Our itinerary continues to the right on the trail that is visible behind the signpost and that diverges from the dirt road, , to reach, after a short hike, a picnic area equipped with tables, wooden benches, and a small barbecue station, surrounded by a magnificent landscape: on one side, the bay of Sestri Levante, and on the other, the green summits all around.

We resume the hike, crossing a beautiful pine forest, and after about 40 minutes we arrive at the Monte Zenone mine, where manganese was extracted until the mid-twentieth century. The traces of this important site are still visible, and from the entrance, it is possible to see the interior of the mine.
Continuing along the same trail markers, we begin to climb towards the summit of Monte Alpe, which we reach after about 20 minutes, with a particularly challenging final stretch on rocky terrain with reddish shades due to the presence of jaspers, a typical rock of the area.

From Monte Alpe di Maissana (1094 m above sea level), the summit of the Ligurian Apennines that separates the Val di Vara from the Val Petronio, the view is really breathtaking. For the return journey, we follow the ridge for about 400 meters until we encounter a path that descends to the left.
We take this path and follow it for just over 400 meters, until we reach the trail that leads to "Colli di Sotto”. Now turn on the left following the footpath signs e , as we slowly gain altitude, we encounter the entrance to the Monte Alpe mine after about 1.5 km of hiking.

Continuing along the level trail, we reach a fork in the path and keep to the direction towards "Monte Pu" , for about 300 meters until you reach a pine forest equipped with a picnic area, where you can find a trail panel placed by municipality of Castiglione Chiavarese.

You take the trail to the right of the sign, descending into the forest, which gradually becomes rocky and ends up on a dirt road that you must follow, always downhill, until you reach a stream.

Here, a small ramp leads to the drivable road where you will find the same path you took earlier that leads back to the square in Bargone.

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