San Fruttuoso di Camogli - Portofino mare

San Fruttuoso di Camogli - Portofino mare
  • San Fruttuoso di Camogli - Portofino mare
Difficulty Medium
Time 1h 50'
Length km. 2,800
Signs  segnavia
Passing through

This route is for those arriving in San Fruttuoso from San Rocco di Camogli or Portofino Vetta wish to return along a different path.
Along the way there are no sources of water so it is advisable to make a sufficient supply before leaving.

Vista sulla baia di San Fruttuoso

From the small square in front of the church of San Fruttuoso take the small road, passing under Tower Doria, leading to the pebbled beach and goes between the houses of fishermen. Arriving at the base of the helicopter landing awaits a steep uphill climbs, and irregularly in the woods giving you some wonderful views.

After about 40 minutes you are in a detour, Base 0, the military post World War II. On the left, climb to Portofino Vetta, you, however, keep the right path that follows the western side of the Promontory.

The path is now little challenging, but incredibly beautiful. The trail, which alternates between up and down to the plains to numerous protruding boulders, runs entirely on the sea showing the bays below.Da San Fruttuoso à Portofino

Only at the point you get away from the ridge to cross a valley shaded source of relief in particularly sunny days.

Come to a junction, near some houses, go straight down a steep but short road that leads to a grove of chestnut trees. Shortly after, in the locality Vessinaro, miss the right turn that goes down to Cala des Anglais, to keep up the narrow path and level that advance hour surrounded by countryside.

At the fork (the left goes up to Portofino Vetta) continue straight to reach the places Cappelletta, where, beneath a small chapel, find a gate that you must cross.

Get off the trail, ignoring deviations and pass through the short tunnel of vines to cross a second gate.

The last stretch of the trail consists of a large and well-kept staircase of stone and cement down surrounded by shrubs and ends on a road. Go past the hotel and following the road, and then to Via Fondaco all'entrate in the square of Portofino.

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From 1h to 2h