Trail ring Recco - Megli - Redentore - Monte Cornua - Capreno

Difficulty Medium
Duration 7h 00'
Length Km 16,100
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Dislivello 11m - 676m | dislivello positivo 1096m | dislivello positivo 1096m
PartenzaStarting point
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A very beautiful itinerary recommended for hikers who are in good shape due to its length and elevation gain
It is recommended to start with an adequate water supply and to be very careful when the ground is wet, as some sections on the rocks can be slippery.

The starting point is in Recco, on Via Cavour near the traffic light, where the staircase begins that goes up towards Megli with trail marker FIE segnavia FIE.
The mule track initially climbs through the houses and in about 20 minutes ends up below the church of Our Lady of Grace, in the delightful hamlet of Megli.
Here you can find a water drinking faucet.

Continue by slightly ascending and then continuing on flat terrain to the left. After a little less than 300 meters, take Salita Aigo which soon leads to Salita Giudea. Turning right immediately leads to the locality of Ageno Piazzetta.

Now the trail enters the woods to climb up to reach the locality of Pin du Cè tu ("cé tu" in the Genoese dialect means gossip) and then continues on a more level path, with some ups and downs that present no difficulty, up to Ageno first and then the Vasche di Ageno, which is recognizable by the presence of a couple of tanks.
After a few meters, climb towards S. Uberto, entering the woods and reaching the locality of Casetta Pineta. Continue uphill until, exiting the woods, you arrive at Redentore Sud on Poggio Montone.
Continue uphill, beginning to glimpse the tall stele that is reached after just over 200 meters.

Continue reaching Redentore Nord and, keeping to the right of the trail, climb up to the ridge towards Monte Castelletto (566 meters above sea level), where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the entire Golfo Paradiso.
Descend following the trail and after a short while, you'll arrive at Piane di Capreno, characterized by beautiful and large meadows. Continuing and always keeping to the right of the trail, you begin to climb up the ridge, leading Monte Cassinea (612 meters above sea level).

Now, descend to the northern slopes of Monte Cassinea, always surrounded by green hills. Walk on the trail to the left, where you can observe beautiful walls with vertically placed stones that delimit the boundaries between properties.
After about 1.3 km, you'll reach a crossroads where continuing straight ahead leads towards Case Cornua, while turning left leads downhill towards Capreno (a trail that will be followed on the return). For this itinerary, turn right towards Testana and, after less than 100 meters, turn right again, beginning the short but steep ascent towards the top of Monte Cornua, which is reached after about 200 meters.

The summit offers a highly panoramic view, ranging from Sestri Levante to Genoa and beyond, also encompassing the inland areas.

Looking towards the sea, take the path on the right towards Case Cornua until you reach the intersection with the previously abandoned trail x.png beginning the long descent towards Capreno, which is reached after about 2.5 km passing through chestnut woods, beautiful abandoned rustic buildings, cultivated terraces, and dry stone walls that still withstand abandonment.
Continue following the same trail marker, but abandon it shortly after leaving the town to climb, also passing numerous stone rustic buildings, and reach "Piane di Capreno" once again.

At the signpost, take the direction towards Sullagà, which is reached after passing through "Verzemma Nord" and "Pendici Est Monte Castelletto" places.

From here, follow the path towards Megli, which is reached after about 1.4 km, passing through the "Quadrivio di Marana" and subsequently through the "Torre di Marana". Turn right here and walk about twenty meters on the asphalt to take the stairs on the left that lead down to the church.

Once here, simply follow the same trail taken on the way to arrive at the traffic light where this beautiful trail ends, having traveled just over 16 km.


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