Trail ring Recco - Megli - Piane di Capreno - Monte Cassinea - Ageno

Difficulty Medium
Duration 4h 00'
Length Km 11,000
Footpath signs + 2linee-veriticali.png +
Dislivello 1m - 600m | dislivello positivo 666m | dislivello positivo 666m
PartenzaStarting point

A beautiful itinerary on well-maintained trails that leads to Mount Cassinea (612m), a highly panoramic point, ideal for a refreshing stop.

The departure is in Recco, from the pedestrian bridge towards the swimming pool on Passeggiata Punta Sant'Anna. Then take the left for a few meters to take a staircase between the buildings (it may be a little hidden) that goes up to Via Romana and then to Aurelia.
Crossing the street close to the traffic light, take Salita Megli with the FIE signpost segnavia FIE, a mule track goes up, initially among the houses, and in about 20 minutes ends below the church of Nostra Signora delle Grazie, in the delightful hamlet of Megli.
Here there is a tap of drinking water.

After admiring the incredible landscape opens up in front of the church square, continue along Salita Castelletti, a staircase goes up quite steeply, which is left at the second junction to continue on the right on Via Nostra Signora delle Grazie, a well-marked path that winds through the typical Mediterranean vegetation and is easy to walk.
After about 500 meters, you will come across Via Don Polleri, an asphalted road that you cross to immediately resume the path which continues immersed in vegetation, passing in front of a (not drinkable) spring and emerging onto a second drivable road, Via Faveto, with beautiful villas around.
Now climb a staircase that crosses the locality of Faveto and soon arrives in front of the Church of the Ascension, a delightful chapel in the woods surrounded by a clearing where benches have been placed.

Here, as can be seen from the signs, you can opt for different directions. Our itinerary continues on the uphill path that leads to the locality of Sullagà/Sant'Uberto, always following the signpost  segnavia FIE, even when you reach the junction in the locality of Quattro Strade.
It is an ancient mule track that partly follows a stone boundary wall and passes near a beautiful stone farmhouse. Upon arrival in Sullagà, you cannot remain insensitive to the incredible sea view.

Still following the same direction and the same signpost, climb a path, where you will walk on limestone rock in some parts, which crosses the eastern slopes of Mount Castelletto, another panoramic point from which you can admire the promontory of Portofino. From here, take the path on the right towards Costa di Verzemma, which you will reach after about 400 meters, then continue to the left for another 500 meters until you arrive at Piane di Capreno, in the municipality of Sori, recognizable for its beautiful and vast meadows.

The trail marker mentions that this section of the trail is recommended for expert hikers, probably because it is a bit narrow and requires more attention.

Continue north following the trail marker 2linee-veriticali.png continuing first on a flat path and then slightly uphill, walking always on the same trail for one kilometer until reaching the point where it intersects with the ridge trail that leads up to Mount Cassinea, which divides the municipality of Sori from Avegno and where you can admire a spectacular view of the entire gulf and surrounding mountains.

The time has come to return: follow the same path to descend from the summit of Monte Cassinea until the junction where you continue uphill along the ridge and then descend again to Piane di Capreno, where you follow the direction to Monte Castelletto which is about 500 meters away.
From here, you descend to Redentore Nord location and then turn left towards the Pendici est di Monte Castelletto and follow the same path as before until you reach the location of Sullagà again: here you now turn left and start descending on a straight road that leads directly to Ageno.

Continue to the left up to Pin du Ce' tu where on the left you can identify and follow the footpath sign 3-pallini.png which bring you to Quadrivio di Marana.
Our itinerary continues to the right to reach, after about 500 metres, Megli and the same mule track that took us back to Recco at the starting point.


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From 3h to 4h
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