San Quirico di Assereto - Montepegli - Monte Pegge - Pian dei Merli

  • Anello San Quirico di Assereto - Montepegli - Monte Pegge - Pian dei Merli
  • Da S. Quirico a Montepegli
  • Co' di Montepegli
  • Rifugio Margherita - Monte Pegge
  • Cucciottu de S. Martin
  • Piana dei Merli
Difficulty Media
Duration 3h 00'
Length Km 7,400
Footpath signs Rombo + Rombo + 3-pallini.png
Dislivello370m - 747m | dislivello positivo 642m | dislivello positivo 635m
StartStarting point

What we propose here can be considered the longest version of the Cian Mazùn ring, which we proposed here .

The departure is from San Quirico di Assereto , a small hamlet of Rapallo which can be reached in about 15 minutes by climbing from Via Puchoz and continuing on Via del Castellino for about 5 km.
Vehicles can be parked in the clearing under the church, where there is also the bus stop.

You go up the small climb that climbs towards the cemetery and which, after a few meters, meets the driveway: here continue on the path that continues to the left, passing behind a large typical Ligurian style house, currently abandoned.
There are not trail signs here, but you can't go wrong, you always go straight ahead, first passing under some houses and then proceeding into the woods along a narrow path, which soon emerges in Montepegli , near a tiny nucleus of stone houses, named Co 'di Montepegli .

After passing the houses, leave the concrete road that descends to continue immediately to the right on the path that climbs into the woods , sometimes quite steep, and reaches the plain called Cian de Mazun, or in Italian Piana di Masone.
From here continue left following the direction written on the sign, Manico del Lume.
After a flat stretch, go up into the woods to arrive at a very particular point, a hill characterized by large stones, with a beautiful and wide view of the gulf.
There are no precise indications but going up for a few meters it is easy to identify, on the right, a trace of a path where the diamond appears as a signpost rombo segnavia.

It is a narrow path, sometimes bordered by brambles that at the end of the summer produce juicy blackberries during the summer, from which you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the Gulf of Tigullio, and which, in about 30 minutes, after crossing a grove of hazelnut rises behind the Margherita Refuge , on Monte Pegge .
To close the ring go down along the path always marked by a segnavia rombo which passes under the refuge and in 15 minutes ends at the Passo della Crocetta .

From here, immediately turning right, take the path marked with 3-pallini.png. After about 10 minutes of walking, the so-called "Cucciottu de San Martin" is indicated on the right, a source of fresh water but that in Summer it is easy to see dry.
In another 20 minutes you will arrive at the "Piana dei Merli" where, crossing it, it will be possible right next to an old stone cottage, to see the path that descends, towards San Quirico d'Assereto until you arrive, in just over 10 minutes and 500 meters of walking , at the starting point of this amazing and not so popular trail on the Rapallo's hills.

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Data sheet

From 2h to 3h
Length Km
6 - 8


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Ring trail from San Quirico to Montepegli - Monte Pegge - Pian dei Merli