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Trail ring Montallegro - Villa Oneto - Cian de Dria - Bocco di Leivi

Difficulty Low
Duration 3h 30'
Length Km 12,500
Footpath signs segnavia due crocisegnavia due quadrati vuotisegnavia tre pallini verticali
Dislivello 247m - 632m | dislivello positivo 527m | dislivello positivo 527m
PartenzaStarting point

A circular trail starting from Montallegro, which can be reached by walking from Rapallo (click here), by private vehicles, by bus, or by the panoramic cable car that goes up from Rapallo. It is suitable for everyone and can be combined with a lunch at the trattorias in the Villa Oneto or Bocco di Leivi localities.

The starting point is above the cable car station, where, by climbing a staircase, you find yourself on the tree-lined avenue that leads to the foot of the majestic Montallegro Sanctuary. The sanctuary is not only a guardian of numerous votive offerings but also houses a handcrafted nativity scene.

Leaving behind an extraordinary panorama of the Gulf of Tigullio, you go around it (there is a water faucet here) and continue to the right towards Chiavari. Shortly after, you will come across a hotel-restaurant, from where you can enjoy an unparalleled view of Rapallo, Santa Margherita, and the Portofino Promontory.
Walking on level ground through a beautiful and ancient oak forest, you will reach a crossroads at the foot of Monte Castello. Here, you continue following the trail marker segnavia due quadrati vuoti towards Chiavari and, in just under 1.5 km of slight descent, you will arrive at the locality of La Colla. It is easily identifiable by the votive shrine that stands along the trail.

Here, you turn left and, at the second hairpin bend, you take the trail that branches off and continues towards Villa Oneto. This trail is marked by the trail marker. segnavia tre pallini verticali.
It is the ancient "pilgrims' trail" used by the residents of San Colombano Certenoli and neighboring areas to visit the Sanctuary of Madonna di Montallegro. After years of abandonment, it has been restored and reopened by a group of volunteers. The descent is relatively straightforward, following the original stone steps (a bit slippery when wet, but with proper attention, it's manageable). After a short while, you will reach the last houses of Villa Oneto.
The directions indicate to turn left and follow the path through the greenery, which passes behind the houses and continues descending. After a final steep staircase, the trail ends in the locality of Cian de Dria.

Continuing along the paved road to the right, slightly uphill, you will come across a left turn that leads to the site of the recently restored Ancient Abbey of Villa Oneto. After thirty years of abandonment, the remains of the abbey are now visible. It is an ancient church with a unique shape that dates back to the Byzantine era. The path to the abbey is along an unpaved road.

You continue along this wide, shaded road (pleasant even in summer), passing by a house with many dogs and friendly farm animals. Further ahead, you will come across a riding stable before reaching the uphill paved road that leads to Bocco di Leivi.

Here, you continue walking uphill on the paved road (if desired, it is also possible to take the stairs in front of you, by walking for about 200 meters to avoid walking along the road) until you reach the San Lorenzo locality. After the small church, you will leave the road and take a staircase on the left.

Here, you climb up and enter a well-maintained forest until you reach a junction with the drivable road that leads Villa Oneto to Monte Anchetta. You cross the road and continue on the trail that leads to La Colla.

By following the same path as before, you will return to Montallegro, where this itinerary ends.

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