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Rapallo - San Lorenzo della Costa

Difficulty Low
Duration 1h
Length Km 3,500
Footpath signs NO SIGN
Dislivello 5m - 240m | dislivello positivo 279m | dislivello positivo 101m
StartStarting point

Easy route of 3.6 km that allows you to walk from Rapallo, the small hamlet of San Lorenzo della Costa alternating stretches in the woods at times on paved roads that pass between beautiful homes.

The starting point is at the gas station that is at the beginning of the Aurelia di Ponente (above the Basko supermarket), specifically in private Gattorno Street, the road, left the police station, flanked by palaces.
Follow the paved road, climbing, it offers splendid sights on Rapallo seafront, until you meet the right, Costaguta Via Romana, a stone staircase that winds through the vegetation and after about 10 minutes to get to a fork.
To the right, in a few minutes, you arrive at the pretty little church, surrounded by forests, dedicated to Saints Gervasio and Protasio which is worth a short stop.

San Lorenzo instead, go straight ahead on the stairway leading to the bush until you get in front of a house. Here, go right on the paved road that runs between beautiful villas with views, the village of San Michele di Pagana and the Gulf of Tigullio. Reached a crossroads, take the small trail on the right towards San Lorenzo della Costa, a road that after a ride in the woods, continues among villas, with views of Santa Margherita Ligure.
Beyond Torre San Gioacchino, ancient tower that gives its name to the street, and now houses a farm, in short, the path comes to an end, in San Lorenzo della Costa.

From San Lorenzo dellaCosta, you can: return to Rapallo, following the pedestrian to San Massimo; get off at Santa Margherita Ligureì, through crêuze or continue in the Portofino Stefani.

San Lorenzo is also served by a bus service

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