Paraggi - Eremo di Niasca - Portofino

  • Paraggi - Eremo di Niasca - Portofino
Difficulty Low
Duration 40'
Length km. 2,200
Footpath signs
Dislivello 0m - 155m | dislivello positivo 197m | dislivello positivo 192m
StartStarting point

We offer this brief tour to introduce you to a little and nice corner of the park: the Hermitage of Niasca.

After passing the village of Paraggi, take the stairs on the right that goes into the bush and leads to the pedestrian Paraggi - Portofino, a beautiful path that runs parallel to the underlying highway offering splendid views over the bay, called "Walk of kisses".

At the small playground, leave the pedestrian to continue on the right path that leads to the hermitage of Sant 'Antonio.

Going up in the middle of a shady valley in 5 minutes takes you to the hermitage of Niasca, built in the thirteenth century and then expanded in the nineteenth century. The complex, as well as the whole surrounding area, has been recovered and completely renovated but at the moment, it is not yet open to the public.

Tenendo l'Eremo alla nostra destra, proseguiamo verso monte e prendiamo il sentiero che sale un po' nascosto ed entra nel bosco; saliamo ancora per circa 300 metri fino ad arrivare in località Fossello.
Keeping the Hermitage to our right, we continue towards the mountain taking the somewhat hidden path that climbs and enters the wood; we go up again for about 300 meters until we reach Fossello.
Here we cross the path / mule track (at this point it is suitable for vehicles) that connects Portofino Vetta to Portofino marked with a red square; we begin to descend through S. Sebastiano and after about 20 minutes we will arrive in Portofino.

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Up to 1h
Length Km
2 - 4


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Paraggi - Eremo di Niasca - Portofino