Paraggi - Eremo di Niasca - Portofino

Paraggi - Eremo di Niasca - Portofino
  • Paraggi - Eremo di Niasca - Portofino
Difficulty Low
Time 40'
Distance km. 3,500
Signs segnavia
Passing through

We offer this brief tour to introduce you to a little and nice corner of the park: the Hermitage of Niasca.

After passing the village of Paraggi, take the stairs on the right that goes into the bush and leads to the pedestrian Paraggi - Portofino, a beautiful path that runs parallel to the underlying highway offering splendid views over the bay, called "Walk of kisses".pedonale Paraggi - Portofino

At the small playground, leave the pedestrian to continue on the right path that leads to the hermitage of Sant 'Antonio.eremo Niasca

Going up in the middle of a shady valley in 5 minutes takes you to the hermitage of Niasca, built in the thirteenth century and then expanded in the nineteenth century. The complex, as well as the surrounding area it is being renovated.

Following the indicator panel on the path that continued advances flat shaded by the foliage of oak and chestnut trees, pausing to admire panoramic shots of Paraggi.castello Paraggi

Shortly, the path go down and emerge after a few minutes, again on the pedestrian near the turnoff for the Splendido Hotel.

Walk 50 meters on the road to resume the pedestrian will take you to Portofino, in the parish of St. Martin.

Update September 2020: Part of this path, from the Hermitage to the pedestrian it is not easily practicable with many fallen trees and collapsed sections.

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