Nozarego - Punta Giasso - Nozarego

Nozarego - Punta Giasso - Nozarego
  • Nozarego - Punta Giasso - Nozarego
Difficulty Medium-High
Time 2h 10'
Lenght Km 7,600
Signs segnavia + segnavia
Passing through

Update of 05/07/2020: The panel of the Portofino Park Authority indicates "Difficult path that does not allow access to the sea".

Punta del Giasso was one of the few coves that can be reached on foot through the regular paths of the Portofino Park but due to the storm that hit Liguria in 2018, the ladder that allowed access to the sea was destroyed and a chain prevents passage. However, it remains an adventurous excursion that ends overhanging the sea.

The difficulty medium-high, attributed to this route, it refers only to the last short stretch of path that allows access to the cove, the rest does not present any particular irregularities.

Once in Nozarego, take the trail, well marked, you meet a few meters after the church. After the initial climb, follows a very scenic stretch of plain that, in clear days, can embrace all the Ligurian coast to the island of Tino.
When, after a few minutes, you arrive at a yellow chapel, chapel of Gave, on to cobbled path to the right (segnavai) that goes right along the forest.

The path, very nice, spread mostly among cultivated plans, with the exception of some brief passage in the woods, and alternating flat stretches to some brief ascent. Along the way, including beautiful renovated houses, you can still see some old farmer's house.

Passing a small votive shrine dedicated to Saint Anne, in short you come to Gassetta's Mill old restored mill, now eating place. Here, the shade of the forest, you will also find tables, wooden benches and a drinking fountain.

Go straight ahead, ignoring the left fork that leads down to the mills along the Paraggi, Olmi to go places where there imettete summit trail Portofino - Portofino beach.

Here turn left and go down until you reach a junction where you find a table with wooden benches. Continue past and continue straight ahead on the path of land that later becomes a paved road and takes you on places Cappelletta. Pass the beautiful mansion surrounded by a high boundary wall to continue on the narrow footpath on the floor until you see signs for Punta del Giasso.

There is a trail sign but there is no possibility of being wrong because it is a single path, well marked, right down to the bay with no diversions. The ground completely covered with leaves makes the path a bit slippery, especially in the first part, therefore it is recommended to wear suitable shoes.

You find yourself now on a path of earth and rock, framed by a beautiful natural setting, penetrates between the lush vegetation gradually losing altitude. With a series of switchbacks to reach the final stretch of the path, that requires great care and attention.

The descent to the rocks consists of a series of narrow stairs covered with stones and leaves and does not have any protection or support point.

To return retrace the same route to return to dell'andata Nozarego. Alternatively, we arrive at Cappelletta you can follow the signs to Portofino sea.

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