Cavi - Barassi - Sorlana - Monte Costello - Rocche di Sant'Anna - Cavi

Difficulty Medium
Duration 4h 30'
Length Km 13,300
Footpath sign NONE
Dislivello 5m - 498m | dislivello positivo 740m | dislivello positivo 740m
StartStarting point
Passing through

This itinerary starts from Cavi di Lavagna (Cavi Borgo to be precise), in Via Lungo Torrente Barassi where, immediately after the curve to the right, the stairway " Cerreto begins ".
The beginning is not so exciting because the path climbs into a wood that is not well maintained, and immediately climbs up among Erica, Corbezzoli and Maritime Pines.
You will arrive at a building warehouse where, continuing to the right, you will skirt highway for about a hundred meters. Cross an underpass and go up again, now with a more open view, passing near some houses and shortly after crossing a well-kept vineyard, bordered by an anti-boar gate, which offers the first panoramic glimpse of the walk.

Continue for about twenty meters on the road to resume the path to climb that will cross the driveway at other times. There are no signs, the only indications are written on some stones placed on the ground. Going along the asphalted road to the end, going up to the right, you come to a barrier that you have to cross.
After about 50 meters from the barrier, go down to the left following the direction of S. Eufemiano. The path in the woods is now very pleasant and well maintained and leads to the pretty church of S. Eufemiano. Un'area molto bella allestita con tavoli e panche in legno.

You always continue in the woods, between ups and downs on an easy and pleasant path (be careful in case of wet ground) until you pass over a stream that runs along dry stone walls and well-kept olive groves.
At the crossroads, continue straight and descend passing through the inhabited center of Barassi up to the asphalted road.
Turn right and after about 50 meters you descend in the middle of the strips and always skirt the stone wall on the right that leads into the woods and after a while back to the asphalted road (Via Barassi).

Follow it for about 100 meters to leave it again going down to the left (a stone placed by the "Talking Stones" indicates the direction of Santa Giulia). Follow the entire path that at the end, via a short stone staircase, leads to Via Pascolini.

Stay on the paved road for about 250 meters until you find, on the left, a concrete slope that develops along a stream; after about 50 meters you take a staircase that climbs and after having skirted a private house first and crossed a private vineyard immediately after, you will arrive at a group of houses which indicates the arrival in the hamlet of Sorlana.

Here the route is not so intuitive: continue left along the steep road until you find, on the right, a staircase that leads to a bus stop. The path to Monte Capenardo starts right here.

You pass in front of the church of Sorlana and, turning right, a scenic route begins, crossing bands and stone cottages and then re-entering the woods until you reach a crossroads with a sign (white and temporary) indicating the direction of Sestri Levante. Continue to climb until you reach a small knoll where you will find the indication "La Selva".
Even here the path is not well signposted: go straight ahead and intercept the path that remains under some hunting posts (you do not have to climb towards the more open plain but continue straight into the woods).
Shortly after you arrive on the ridge where you will find the signs for Monte Capenardo (going up to the left).

Our itinerary instead continues to the right on the flat, where you reach a beautiful lawn equipped with a bench and wooden table from which you can enjoy a beautiful view, on one side the Golfo del Tigullio and on the other the surrounding valleys.

Arrived in front of a gate, continue left for a hundred meters then turn right and take the "Mimose" path, which descends along the path through the woods. Beware, this is also a mountain bike route.

Continue to descend accompanied by beautiful views of Sestri Levante until you arrive at the Rocche di Sant'Anna.

Here you turn right along the clearly visible path which, crossing and sometimes along the asphalted road, leads, via the last staircase, to Cavi borgo, near the starting point.

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From 4h to 5h
Length Km
10 - 15