Lorsica - Passo Ventarola nord - Ventarola sud - Lorsica

Difficulty Medium
Duration 3h 50'
Length Km 10,800
Footpath signs Segnavia 7 passi + due-quadri-vuoti.png + Alta via + +
Dislivello374m - 1080m | dislivello positivo 723m | dislivello positivo 720m
PartenzaStartin point
Passing through

This is a loop itinerary from Lorsica, a village in the Val Fontanabuona known worldwide for its artisanal production of silk and damask, to which a museum is dedicated and can be visited by appointment. The only drinking water tap is at the beginning of the trail. There is a farmhouse in the village.

Lorsica can be reached from the Lavagna or Chiavari highway exit by following the direction to Carasco; from there, take the SP 225 running the Val Fontanabuona to Monleone di Cicagna, where you turn right onto SP 23 and, at the junction, turn right onto SP 24.

The trail starts in front of the cemetery on Via Ciga, the road that passes next to the church and crosses the heart of the village. It's inevitable to stop and admire the many houses doors painted by artists who participate every year in the "Lorsica in Bloom" contest, an event that reaches its peak in the first days of May, during the Saint Catherine's day.

Leaving the last house, always follow the trail markers Trail marker 7 steps and due-quadri-vuoti.png towards Passo Rondanara. Ascend along the ancient mule track that once connected Lorsica to Val D’Aveto, a path that, as indicated by the signs, is part of the "Sentiero dei 7 passi".

Walking first among the terraces and then on rocky terrain through a more wooded area, you pass through the locations Le Volte and La Pianata before reaching Ria delle Tane, a small clearing that offers a very panoramic view of the valley.

You traverse another section characterized by rock before continuing into the forest and reaching the location Casoni La Cucca, where in a grassy area, there are some abandoned rustic buildings and an ancient cable car. A place suitable for a possible lunch break.

Now turn right to follow the path that goes around Monte Rondanara and, after skirting an imposing and characteristic rock, reach, in less than 2 hours from Lorsica, Passo Rondanara, also known as Passo Ventarola Nord (986 meters).

You are on the Ligurian Mountains High Path (AV), at a junction where a CAI sign advises caution especially in case of adverse weather conditions such as fog, snow, and ice.

Indeed, continuing to the right towards Passo Ventarola Sud, there is a rocky passage that could be slippery when wet.

Following the trail marker High Path, with a uphill stretch, you reach the 1050 meters of Passo Ventarola Sud, the highest point of the route with a commanding view over the Val Fontanabuona.

Now stay on the rightmost descending path and after a few meters, it joins the trail coming down from Bocca di Feia to continue together to the junction. Here, leave the "Sentiero dei 7 passi" and follow, to the right, the x.png that, with a slightly downhill and very open route, leads to the drivable road.

At this point, you must follow the paved road for the last 4 kilometers that allow you to return to Lorsica closing the trail.
However, the journey is equally enjoyable because the road is lightly trafficked and surrounded by well-kept and reciting chestnut woods, before crossing the small hamlet of Caprile and arriving at the starting point.

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Data sheet

From 3h to 4h
Length Km
10 - 15


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