Borzonasca - Abbazia di Borzone - Case Bancora - Borzonasca

Difficulty Easy
Duration 3h 00'
Length km. 7,900
Footpath sign 2 linee verticali
Dislivello168m - 485m | dislivello positivo 331m | dislivello positivo 331m
PartenzaStarting point
Passing through

A simple loop path allow to visit the abbey complex of Borzone, a site in the Val Sturla that in the past played an important role as a crossroads of paths connecting the coast to the sea, and also situated on the "Sacred Line of San Michele", an ideal trajectory from Ireland to the Holy Land where several monasteries and sanctuaries are located.

The starting point of this walk is in Borzonasca, reacheble in 30 minutes by car from the Lavagna highway exit, following SS 586 leading to Val D’Aveto, or by bus from Chiavari.

After parking the car in the designated area (check carefully, as some spots have time limits) in the town center wher you can find grocery stores, bars, and restaurants, cross the street in front of the church, to enter the pedestrian zone.
Once on Via Marrè, near the headquarters of the Aveto Park Authority, turn left to follow the "Path of Resistance" for a few meters, then turn right to follow the trail marker 2 vertical lines that now continues flat through the forest before descending on a dirt road.

After crossing the bridge, continue on the drivable road to the left until reaching the sports field, where the path briefly re-enters the scrub to emerge again on the paved road, which is followed to the right for just over 500 meters until finding the trail marker again, inviting you to re-enter the woods.

Following the clear and evident path, cross the forest reaching the first houses of the Borzone hamlet (Note: in case of heavy rain, the last meters on water-covered stones can be particularly slippery), where some apotropaic heads, stone faces with the function of warding off evil spirits, are visible.
Following the drivable road, in a few minutes, to the right, you reach the splendid Abbey of Borzone (, about 40 minutes from Borzonasca.

After the necessary stop and visit, continue behind the Abbey, taking the paved road for a few meters before leaving it and turning left following the loop A9, always with FIE trail markers 2 vertical lines.
It is a beautiful path that climbs through the meadows to reconnect with the drivable road, which is followed to the left until intercepting, to the right, the path that climbs through the typical Ligurian terraces and, after passing a fascinating abandoned farmhouse, continues into the woods.

Without difficulty, you reach the location Case Bancora, a small and characteristic cluster of houses, only partially restored, offering the opportunity to admire some examples of stone houses built according to ancient local methods.

After crossing the village, follow a dirt road still following the signs for Vallepiana until, after a hairpin turn, you reach a junction.

Here, leave the main path to continue on the loop A9 which now continues flat before descending to Pastine and subsequently crossing the villages named Araxi di sopra and Araxi di sotto. Along this stretch of the route, you will come across rustic houses and a small chapel.

Continue to the right on a path that passes just above the drivable road to return to the Abbey, following the same route back to Borzonasca.

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From 2h to 3h
Length Km
6 - 8


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