Portofino Vetta - Portofino mare

Portofino Vetta - Portofino mare
  • Portofino Vetta - Portofino mare
  • Portofino Vetta - Portofino mare
  • Portofino Vetta - Portofino mare
  • Portofino Vetta - Portofino mare
  • Portofino Vetta - Portofino mare
Difficulties Medium
Time 1h 30'
Lenght Km. 5,650
Signs Segnavia Portofino Vetta - Portofino mare

Passing through

The route Vetta Portofino - Portofino, considered one of the principal of "Monte", crosses the entire hill from the North-West to South-East.

The trail begins in Portofino peak, with access to the park just behind the 'Hotel (alternatively there is also the entrance to the parking lot in front of the car) in an easy manner and continues past the locality of Gaixella and after 15' , Pietre strette.

Both are equipped as a stopping point with tables, benches and drinking water faucet.

Keeping the main street, shaded by huge chestnut trees, the path proceeds in the plains, with with gentle gradient stretches, up to "Bocche", another stopping point and crossroads of many paths (on the left you go towards Monte Pollone, Santa Margherita Ligure, right along Felciara, Base 0, San Fruttuoso)

The wide path of gravel and rocks forward and, little by little, begins to descend, crossing several detours to other locations: after 30 ', in the locality Crocetta, left, is a first chance to reach Nozarego and on the right San Fruttuoso . After a further 5 ', in locality Il Casone, there is a second connection for the trail to San Fruttuoso, and after another 2', when the road becomes paved *, a display indicates that, on the left, you reach Nozarego and the Gassetta's Mill refreshment.

The landscape now changes, you begin to glimpse the sea and the path between the first creeps villas with manicured gardens, reaching places Olmi, from which the last deviation for Nozarego.

Continuing straight, the trail reaches a stopping point, equipped with benches, that in addition to the turnoff to San Fruttuoso, offers two possibilities to get to Portofino: to the left (quadrato) or straight (2 pallini).

Turning left, the road, very well maintained but fairly steep falls in the middle of the bands up to the village of San Sebastiano, has a fine chapel and a small group of houses.

The trail, which becomes more and more pending, past the towns of Cappelletta (a branch from here to San Fruttuoso), Fossello (left is the turnoff for the Valley of the living) and Pino (on the right is reported a farm) and descends to the village offering beautiful views over the bay of Paraggi.

Castello Brown, Church of St. George, and, finally, the "piazzetta" are the first pictures of Portofino that are seen approaching the church, where the route ends.


* Trail passable by motorcycles and small vehicles, available to locals.


Data sheet

From 1h to 2h

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