Trail ring Uscio - Colle Caprile - Pannesi - Case Cornua - Calcinara

Difficulty Low
Duration 3h 20'
Length km. 11,300
Footpath sign Due cerchi vuoti + +
Dislivello335m - 625m | dislivello positivo 683m | dislivello positivo 690m
PartenzaStarting point
Passing through

The starting point of this circular trail is in Uscio, on Via Arnaldi, which continues from Via Bisagno. There is a signboard indicating the direction to Passo Casetti. After traveling for a little less than 500 meters, you will ascend into a chestnut forest, passing by some scattered houses along the way.

Here, you continue to the left and have the option to walk along the ridge or follow the path inside, marked by two empty red circles. In both cases, you will reach Passo del Castello Vecchio, and after 400 meters, you will arrive at Passo delle Pozzette.

You continue along the ridge, following the direction towards Colle Caprile. After a little less than 2 kilometers, ignoring various detours, you will reach Colle Caprile, with the last few meters on the paved road. Due cerchi vuoti.

Before the curve, you take the road on the right following the wood sign indicating "NS. del Bosco" (Our Lady of the Woods). After about a hundred meters, the road turns into a trail, which you should continue to follow. Keep in mind that this trail is also used by mountain bikers, so be cautious and aware of potential encounters with cyclists.

After about 1.6 kilometers, you will reach the beautiful and fascinating church of "NS. del Bosco" in the locality of Pannesi (in the municipality of Lumarzo). The church is surrounded by a beautiful green meadow that is covered in daisies during springtime. Behind the church, you will find tables with wooden benches, ideal for a lunch break.

You continue by following the trail that crosses this area. After crossing the drivable road, you venture back into the forest and eventually emerge on the road again, near a restaurant and a few meters away from the village of Pannesi, which is about 500 meters away.

You cross the village, where you'll also find an old washhouse and a fountain with drinking water. After returning to the paved road, you continue on the pleasant uphill route indicated by the footpath sign x.png which leads to Case Cornua in 800 meters, close to the restaurant.

Here, you continue to the left on the downhill paved road for just over 1.5 kilometers, passing in front of the chapel of the Alpini, which is worth a visit. At a certain point, while following the road downhill stretch, you will come across the trail marker of the "Historical Columbus Itinerary" isc.jpg,which invites you to turn left onto an ancient mule track. You pass by a picturesque small chapel and cross the paved road once again before descending to Calcinara. Shortly after, you arrive at the church square of Calcinara.

You continue on the paved road, following the same trail marker, and then ascend to the left via a short staircase after about 200 meters. By following the trail, you will return to Colle Caprile and resume the same route you took on the way there.

Upon reaching Piani di Monte Serro, you continue straight until you reach the junction for the "Polveriera Trail".
You descend on this trail, a beautiful path crosses through woods and terraces, leading to the old Polveriera (explosive warehouse). Behind it, a big bench has been placed.
After 500 meters, you will once again reach Uscio, just a few meters away from the starting point, still on Via Bisagno.

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