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Trail from Case Becco - Monte Uccellato - Monte Possuolo - Monte Bado - Monte Becco

Difficulty Low
Duration 3h 00'
Length km. 8,40
Footpath signs SegnaviaSegnavia linea punto + Segnavia X + Tre pallini
Dislivello701m - 900m | dislivello positivo 426m | dislivello positivo 426m
PartenzaStarting point

This route starts from Case Becco, in the municipality of Sori, on the road that goes from Uscio towards Monte Fasce. The location can be reached by private vehicles, which can be easily parked in the parking area.

From the parking area, you take the path on the left and you will come across a small cluster of houses (Case Becco) and a small chapel, with signs indicating various directions.
You immediately turn right, taking the trail marked by Tre pallini in linea and Segnavia linea punto, which passes through the rustic buildings and ascends gently. After about 200 meters, you reach the slopes of Monte Uccellato, where you are greeted by a beautiful panorama that embraces the entire coastline. You continue to the right, following a slightly steeper but not particularly challenging ascent that leads to the summit of Monte Uccellato (828 meters above sea level), where the view becomes even more spectacular.

A marvelous panorama serves as the backdrop for the entire ridge trail, which becomes even more beautiful and colorful in spring due to the blooming of numerous plants: heather, broom, wild orchids, and thousands of daffodils.
In this way, you reach Monte Possuolo (791 meters above sea level) and subsequently another lower peak characterized by an antenna. This leads to the road below, near a parking area in the "Bocchin di Pozzuolo" area.

Just at the bend, you cross the road to take the path that descends signed by ISC e ISC1 (respectively, the Historical Colombian Itinerary and its variant). It is a very pleasant flat walk, where after about 500 meters you will encounter the clearly visible remains of the ancient Hospitalis of San Giacomo, built in the 1200s to accommodate pilgrims and travelers who were journeying along the road between Fontanabuona valley and Genoa, or even those who were visiting Santiago de Compostela (Spain). The site was restored from a state of abandonment in 2016 by a group of volunteers.

You continue without any particular issues until you reach the Case Becco area again, where, this time, you immediately turn left to take the trail marked with the same trail marker Tre pallini in lineaSegnavia linea punto developing along the mountain coast, continues all the way to Colle del Bado, a crossroads of paths that lead to Monte Croce di Fo or towards S. Alberto di Bargagli, as well as the path that ascends to the summit of Monte Bado.

You follow the latter option, continuing to the right and encountering, after a few meters, a rest area equipped with wooden tables and benches, as well as a useful wooden gazebo that provides shelter in case of rain.
From here, the trail also starts that leads to Pannesi, known as the "sentiero della fienagione".

Our itinerary follows the trail with the trail markers Tre pallini, a short but steep and strenuous section allows you to reach the summit of Monte Bado at 911 meters in a short time. From here, the view is incredible, spanning from the Gulf of Tigullio to the Gulf of Paradiso and beyond to Genoa and the Ligurian Ponente. Not to mention the inland areas and the surrounding peaks.

You continue along the ridge, gradually descending, and after a short while, you reach the summit of Monte Becco (794 meters above sea level). In this stretch, it is not uncommon to encounter herds of wild horses roaming freely.
Now, the descent begins, sometimes a bit challenging due to slippery terrain and steepness, but manageable with proper caution. Soon, you find yourself back at the starting point in Case Becco, where this circular itinerary between the municipalities of Sori and Lumarzo concludes, passing by the municipalities of Bargagli and Pieve Ligure along the way.


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From 2h to 3h
Length Km
8 - 10
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