Trail ring San Lorenzo della Costa - Pietre Strette - Felciara - Bocche - Olmi - Gave

Difficulty Easy
Duration 4h 00'
Length km. 15,000
Footpath signs segnavia + + segnavia +
Dislivello 184m - 468m | dislivello positivo 673m | dislivello positivo 669m
StartStarting point
Passing through

A long but suitable for everyone loop itinerary along some of the lesser-traveled trails of Portofino Park, starting from San Lorenzo della Costa, a hamlet of Santa Margherita Ligure.

San Lorenzo is connected to the municipalities of Recco, Rapallo, and Santa Margherita Ligure by public buses AMT, It can also be reached by car with parking available under the church. In the hillside hamlet, there is also a bar some restaurants.

The starting point of the itinerary is about 500 meters from the church, following the provincial road towards Genoa, in Violara place, where the park sign has been placed on the left.
You climb the short staircase that then turns right to pass behind some houses and then climb into the woods along a farmhouse that houses goats and curious Highlander cows, in Costa Ramezzana locality. Continuing to follow the FIE trail markers, quadrato rosso, si supera località Scogli Grossi, you pass through Scogli Grossi, where you walk on large rocks, reaching Portofino Vetta in about 20 minutes.

From here, you continue left on the main trail, passing through Gaixella and then Pietre Strette (in this section there are two drinking water taps), and at the junction, continue right on the trail that offers some panoramic views and soon arrives at the locality of Felciara, where you turn left 3-pallini.png crossing a beautiful forest and find the main trail that was previously overlooked (here there is a drinking water tap).
Now you descend towards Portofino mare on the wide gravel path to Olmi (just after the barrier that limits the passage to motor vehicles), where you follow the signs, turning left, to "Mulino del Gassetta" (a refreshment and museum place).

This is a trail that is usually frequented because it is suitable for everyone and reaches Nozarego by crossing different environments: first the countryside with cultivated terraces, olive groves, and fruit trees, then descending into a chestnut grove and reaching Gave locality with a final stretch characterized by holm oaks and typical Mediterranean vegetation. And there are also some scenic points, such as the locality of Sant' Anna, where a small chapel stands.drinking water faucet close to the chapel.

At Gave, we leave the trail before reaching the yellow church, to climb into the forest on the left and follow the Sentiero degli animali (Path of the Animals) for a while. After a steep uphill passage, you arrive at "Il Frate" locality, continuing on to "Il Monte" locality.
You climb again, following the trail markers for a short distance segnavia T.png up to the fork where a sign indicates the direction to "Bocche" (towards right), the next stop on the route.
There is no trail marker, but it is impossible to get lost. The path winding through the woods is well-traced, and after a flat stretch at the junction, it begins to climb. In about 20 minutes, it arrives at the foot of Monte Pollone. Here it is possible to choose the shortcut on the right, marked by the indicator post, to reach Bocche more quickly.

Now following the main path on the right, you return to Pietre Strette, an equipped area with tables, benches, and a tap with drinking water, and following the same route as before, you descend to the starting point, in San Lorenzo della Costa in the Violara locality.

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Data sheet

From 3h to 4h
Length Km
10 - 15

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