Portofino - Paraggi - Pietre strette - San Fruttuoso - Portofino

Portofino - Paraggi - Pietre strette - San Fruttuoso - Portofino
  • Portofino - Paraggi - Pietre strette - San Fruttuoso - Portofino
Difficulty Medium
Time 3,10h
Length km. 9,400
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Passing through

Near the parish of St. Martin, the church at the entrance of the village, take the pedestrian Paraggi, a path through the green, well kept, which runs a few feet above the road.mulino restaurato nel Parco di Portofino

Once in Paraggi (after about 30 minutes) at the end of the parking lot and go through on Mills, left the restaurant, advancing in the valley shady which owes its name to the remains of old mills, now accompanied by information panels that describe the features.

The trail is interesting but is somewhat overlooked because of the fallen tree and some stretches where you have to walk in the tall grass. The climb ends at Mulino del Gassetta, recently renovated and used as a resting spot.

Turn left and go places Olmi, then continue to the right, upon the broad gravel path and stone that goes in the direction of Portofino Vetta.

località crocetta tra Portofino vetta e Portofino mareFrom there you advance straight chestnut trees, pines, oaks, passing through places Crocetta, where you can sit on some benches shaded, and locations Bocche (454mt. above sea level), another stopping point also has tables and tap drinking water, as the next village Pietre Strette (to 15 minutes away).

The well-marked path that leads to San Fruttuoso, starting behind the rocks of puddingstone and falls with hairpin bends, steep enough, in the bush. After about 20 minutes to reach the source Caselle (and their tap water) and shortly after an old mill, now restored and used as a farmhouse.

Hence alternate sections in the middle of sunny strips planted with olive trees, and stretches along a little more shaded stream, until the sixteenth century Doria tower, a steep staircase descends behind the Abbey and then the beautiful bay of San Fruttuoso, where you can stop for a lunch break and for an unforgettable swim.

The return began taking the path that starts east of San Fruttuoso, between the houses of the fishermen of the village "La Cheta" and bring to "Base 0" through the heliport once the climb is quite demanding, but the effort is compensated by splendid views of the Bay and on the stretch of sea below.
You reach the first goal (220mt asl) in 35-minute walk and here you can use a set of tree trunks placed in the shade, like a table and chairs for a short break.
It takes the path towards Portofino, the route is very pleasant and enchanting, there are no special precautions to be reported, the trail has some ups and downs are not particularly challenging until you get to place Prato.Piazza della Libertà Portofino

Here it begins to decrease, the first chapel are many places where you have to cross a fence built to keep out wildlife that may damage the crops of farmers in the area, coming out of these properties, through a second gate, a steep staircase takes you back to Via the Fondaco, so in Piazza della Libertà in the famous village of Portofino.

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