Portofino - Olmi - Gave - Paraggi - Portofino

Portofino - Olmi - Gave - Paraggi - Portofino
  • Portofino - Olmi - Gave - Paraggi - Portofino
Difficulty Medium - Low
Time 2h
Length km. 3,400
Signs segnavia + segnavia
Passing through

In front of the bus stop, at the parish church of Portofino, the footpath starts to the left, leading to Portofino Vetta, an uphill struggle at times very steep, which takes us into between high walls where you can a glimpse of beautiful villas and very well kept gardens.

This first part of the journey is accompanied by beautiful views of the Gulf of Tigullio and the Paraggi's bay.

Paraggi vista dal Promontorio di Portofino

The path for vehicles*, broad and well kept, passing from the village of San Sebastian, a small group of houses around a red church, and going up in the middle of the bands comes equipped with a stopping point, where it intersects the path from San Fruttuoso.

From there, always following the symbol (segnavia) continue up the hill, among olive trees up to town Olmi (250mt. asl), where, right, meets the detour to Nozarego.

The mostly flat walk, past the Mulino del Gassetta (252mt, asl) (recently renovated and turned into a restaurant) and advances in the countryside, and after a downhill in a shady valley, the trail passes close to some homes and grown bands to come to a chapel, in Cappelletta delle Gave (168mt.slm).

From there, right, a steep trail which runs along the sides, drywall, and scattered houses down, in about 20 ', to the parking lot of Paraggi, beside a restaurant.

After a few meters on the road, right, meets the access road to the pedestrian Paraggi - Portofino, a walk in the green, parallel to the street below, and after some ups and downs to advance to the famous town in the plains.Castello Brown Portofino visto dal promontorio

Arriving in Portofino is heralded by incredible views of the bay populated by luxury yacht, Castle Brown and the famous square, the route ends in front of the church of San Martino

* way to go with a scooter or small car, available to the inhabitants.

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From 1h to 2h

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