Santa Croce circular trail from Pieve Ligure

Difficulty Low
Duration 1h 50'
Length km. 3,400
Footpath signs linee verticali sbarrate + 2 quadrati rossi
Dislivello165m - 511m | dislivello positivo 348m | dislivello positivo 348m
PartenzaStarting point
Passing through

An loop itinerary starting from Pieve Ligure with the destination being Mount Santa Croce, where the church of the same name is located.

The starting point is from Pieve Ligure alta, which can be easily reached by car with parking available behind the church, by bus, or on foot from the station by following one of the "creuze" (narrow alleys) starting from the Aurelia road.

From the main square, walk along the left side of the church for a few meters until you encounter, on the left, Via XI Febbraio, a concrete staircase that ascends. After a short distance, it intersects with a drivable road and continues to climb, eventually reaching Via Michele Massone, a secondary asphalted road. Following it to the left for about 450 meters leads to the beginning of the actual trail, marked by an arrow and trail markers linee-verticali-sbarrate.png

After an initial stretch where you ascend gradually without much effort, surrounded by a marvelous scenery, you reach a junction where the most challenging section of the entire itinerary must be faced. The ascent is now steep but not too long, and in just over 20 minutes, you reach the 518 meters of Mount Santa Croce.

The spacious open and panoramic area in front of the church, where you can use some tables with benches and barbecue facilities, offers a truly unique and spectacular viewpoint of the Paradiso Gulf. During sunny festive days, it is common to find it crowded with day-trippers and hikers.

Take the trail behind the small (unattended) refuge marked with 2 red squares to return and follow the Path of Mysteries, a religious-themed route characterized by votive shrines depicting the 5 sorrowful mysteries of the Passion of Christ.

Passing through an amazing pine forest, which offers panoramic views of the sea, for about 800 meters, you reach a junction in the Costa locality. To return to Pieve Ligure, turn right to walk through cultivated terraces, olive groves, and beautiful homes with gardens.

After a short staircase, you arrive at the Chiappe locality, right on Via Chiappe which you follow until you intersect Via Massone, the same road encountered on the way there, but, this time, you turn left to reach a second staircase that leads directly in front of the Church of San Michele Arcangelo in Pieve Ligure alta. Here there are two bars, and underneath the square it is possible to use the restroom facilities.

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Data sheet

From 1h to 2h
Length Km
2 - 4


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