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Nozarego - Gave - Paraggi - Portofino - Valle Acqua Viva - Nozarego

  • Nozarego - Cappelletta delle Gave - Paraggi - Portofino - Valle Acqua Viva - Nozarego
Difficulty Low
Duration 2h 45'
Length km. 7,200
Footpath Signs segnavia + segnavia
Dislivello 0m - 186m | dislivello positivo 541m | dislivello positivo 541m
StartStarting point

This short and undemanding route (with the exception of a steep uphill stretch returning from Portofino) develops in a magnificent setting and crosses some lesser-known stretches of paths in the Portofino Park.

The departure is just before the church of Nozarego, taking the cobbled climb which is near the bus stop.

After the initial climb, the path continues on the plain overlooking the Gulf on Punta Pedale and the Abbey of Cervara, up to Gave , a crossroads of paths, characterized by a pretty little chapel.

The itinerary continues with the mule track on the left, which passes under the chapel (here you will also find a drinking water tap) and descends in the first part between small cultivated fields and then, between stone walls, arriving, after about 20 minutes, in Paraggi.

(along the way, on the left, there is the detour to Cervara: a path in the middle of the woods that soon leads to the entrance of the famous Abbey and descends to the coastal road Santa Margherita - Portofino). 

After a few meters on the main road (on the right) you'll meet the beautiful pedestrian Paraggi - Portofino , an alternative route parallel to the driveway, surrounded by greenery with incredible views of the bay and now called Walk of Kisses .

The pleasant walk ends in Portofino after about 30 minutes in front of the Church of San Martino where the path also begins to go up to the summit continuing our itinerary.

The driveway path (it is easy to meet scooters or small motor vehicles, mostly of residents of the area) is wide and very well maintained and immediately climbs very steeply between the enclosure walls of beautiful villas and more open spaces from which you can enjoy extraordinary views over the bay of Paraggi and the luxurious "Hotel Splendido" overlooking the hill.

When in Fossello, leave the main path to cross takinf the one on the right towards Valle dell 'Acqua Viva , a cool and little-used path. After passing over a small stream you will arrive at a point where you can see a closed gate near a small group of houses, installed only to avoid the passage of wild boars, it is recommended to close it again after passing.

Initially the path is narrow and runs through the vegetation, but shortly after it enters a beautiful chestnut wood continuing well marked and clean up to a first fork, where you must always go straight, and to a second one, in locality Mulino dell'Uva.
Here you cross a tiny bridge in front of an ancient mill (we are in Valle dei Mulini), follow the path that goes up marked by two red ricghe trail.

Here, pay attention, because a short stretch begins where the path is camouflaged by tall grass and is particularly narrow, as evidence that it is a path that is not very popular and that gradually becomes cleaner. At the fork in the La Costa locality, continue straight towards Gave; the path penetrates into the oak and majestic pine woods, characterized by some rocks named "Puddinga" or "Conglomeratum".
A short, more open stretch anticipates the arrival to some houses and after few meters to Cappelletta delle Gave .

Here, retracing the same path as the outward journey, you find yourself at the starting point of the itinerary.

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From 2h to 3h
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