Nozarego - Cappelletta delle Gave - Paraggi - Portofino - Valle Acqua Viva - Nozarego

Nozarego - Cappelletta delle Gave - Paraggi - Portofino - Valle Acqua Viva - Nozarego
  • Nozarego - Cappelletta delle Gave - Paraggi - Portofino - Valle Acqua Viva - Nozarego
Difficulty Low
Time 2h 30'
Distance km. 7,200
Signs segnavia + segnavia
Passing through

This relatively short and undemanding path (except for the first steep climb from Portofino ) lends itself to a half day trip .

chiesa di Nozarego (Santa margherita Ligure)The starting point is just before the parish church, with the slope of cobblestones,which is located near the bus stop.

After the initial climb,the path forward on the plain overlooking the Gulf and in particular of Punta pedale , and on the Abbey of Cervara, coming to locality "Gave", a crossroads of paths (from here you can go for location Olmi, or go to places Crocetta ) characterized by a chapel.

The tour continues with a mule on the left, passing underneath the chapel (here you can also find a tap for drinking water) and falls in between "fasce", in the first part, and dry stone walls, in the second to arrive, after about 20 ' in Paraggi.

(on the way to the left is the junction for Cervara: a path through the woods, which quickly leads outside the entrance of the famous abbey and down the coastal Santa Margherita - Portofino).

After a few meters on the main road (right) meets the beautiful pedestrian Paraggi - Portofino, an alternate route, parallel to the driveway, in the countryside with amazing views over the bay, recently renamed Passeggiata dei Baci.pedonale Paraggi-portofino

The walk, after about 30 ', ends in Portofino before the Church of St. Martin where he also began to climb the trail to the summit and continue our journey.

The path paved (it's easy to meet small scooter or motor vehicles, mostly people living in the area), large and very well kept, rises once in a very steep between the enclosure walls of beautiful villas and more open spaces where you can enjoy stunning views of the bay of the neighborhood, and the luxury "Splendido hotel" overlooking the hill.

From the village of San Sebastiano, recognizable by the red church, the climb becomes a little sweeter and, after a small soccer field and a villa with tower in locality TERRUZZO, one arrives at a crossroads (on the left takes you to San Fruttuoso of Camogli) equipped with wooden table and benches.

località OlmiMaintaining the direction of Portofino Vetta, the trail moves between gardens, olive trees and pittosporum, beyond which you can admire the eastern Ligurian coast to the islands of Tino and Tinetto (in front of La Spezia).
In Olmi place, leave the main road and turn right and continue on the path that almost entirely flat, past the turnoff for the Mulini Valley, arrives at the Mulino del Gassetta, eco-museum and a resting spot.

Here you can also make a public park in the shade of trees and extracted with tables, benches and drinking water.

The trail, now a little 'closer and sunny, winds between "fasce", gardens and past a few typical rural houses and a tiny chapel. Here are more features in the shady spot, as the last section, downhill, which comes to the small chapel of Gave, which, he continues, retracing the route of going to the Church of Nozarego.

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