Camogli - Pietre Strette - San Fruttuoso di Camogli

Camogli - Pietre Strette - San Fruttuoso di Camogli
  • Camogli - Pietre Strette - San Fruttuoso di Camogli
Difficulty Medium
Time 2h 20'
Distance km. 5,100
Signs  segnavai+ segnavia
Passing through

punto panoramico lungo la discesa per san FruttuosoA journey from Camogli San Fruttuoso less spectacular than that which went from village batteries, but also less demanding and therefore can be covered with children (if they're used to walk ...).

In Camogli take Via San Bartolomeo, the way in the back of the car park, passing under the Police Station, along the river Gentile. Arrived at the gate of a house, go left on the gravel path that soon turns into a series of concrete steps (about 800) that wind between dry stone walls and houses. Omit the only deviation that you encounter on your left and continue straight ahead to come out, after about 30 minutes, in the churchyard of the church of San Rocco di Camogli (219 m above sea level).località Galletti

After the obligatory break to admire the magnificent panorama that presents itself before your very eyes, and catch your breath, take the path to the right of the church (near there is a tap for drinking water supplies for any) that goes in the direction "Gaixella".
The trail, with views of Punta Chiappa, through the small group of houses in the village Galletti, to continue between age surrounded by olive and fig trees, and then advancing into the forest. As you can see from the painted tiles on the trail that was the route of the Via Crucis.

Along the path, which develops mostly in the plains, shaded by trees in about 20 minutes to get into locality Gaixella (412 meters above sea level.), Picnic area with tables and benches, drinking tap water, where you turn right.
Follow this path until fine (about 15 min) announce the huge boulders of rock locality "Pietre strette" (464, a crossroads of many paths and staging points equipped with benches, tables and tap.

sentiero Pietre Strette - San FruttuosoTurn right, between the rocks (segnavia), you are on the way to San Fruttuoso. The trail, with a series of steep switchbacks, crosses a valley and then continue with some shady passages exposed and scenic locality such as the section in Casella. Here, beside the stream, you will also find a tap water coming directly from the source. Near the deviation encountered shortly after, in a very panoramic, go to the right (left goes towards Base 0).

After passing an old mill, now converted farmhouse, surrounded by cultivated "fasce", the trail falls in the woods and following, in some places, the course of the stream ends before the Torre Doria (about an hour from Pietre strette). From here, descend the steep steps to the right, quickly reach the famous Abbey of San Fruttuoso and two small pebbly beaches.arrivo a Torre Doria (San Fruttuoso di camogli)

The village offers a wide choice of restaurants and the possibility to rent sun beds and beach umbrellas for enjoying on the two free beaches.

For the return we suggest that the return by boat to Camogli, to see the Cape and its beauty from another angle. If you prefer to walk back by feet, see the map to find the route you prefer.

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From 2h to 3h

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