Where to sleep in the Portofino Park

The new Portofino Park regulation provides for camping but upon request for authorization, and exclusively close to tourist accommodation facilities with the obligation to use the toilets and cooking spaces of these structures.

Alternatively, if you want to spend a night immersed in the quiet of the Park, there is the Semaforo Vecchio refuge , named after Gianni Cartagenova.

The building was erected in 1807 as a lighthouse for signaling in the sea and inland. Once its function is finished, it has been restructured and, in recent times, used as a refuge for the many hikers who visit the Park.

The structure is powered by renewable sources, consists of:

- 10 beds (including mattresses and pillows)
- 1 kitchen equipped with accessories
- toilets
- brazier for cooking food

The reservation can be placed online by clicking here (price 15€ per person): after checking availability, you can pay by Paypal or by credit card and you will receive, directly to your email address, the access code to be entered on the BivyPass keyboard.

Semaforo Vecchio, with its 610 meters above sea level, is the highest point of the Monte di Portofino and consists of a large lawn with some wooden benches and tables shaded by the foliage of the trees which invite you to stop, especially during the hot summer days.
Behind the refuge, a short path leads to the Frank Sinatra panoramic place, a belvedere overlooking the Paradiso and Tigullio gulfs from which you can also see the hinterland and also Lumarzo, the birthplace of the famous singer's mother.

There are several trails to reach the top, the shortest is the one starting from Portofino Vetta

Please write to this email address for further informations ufficiotecnico@parcoportofino.it