Portofino - Cala Vitrale

Portofino - Cala Vitrale
  • Portofino - Cala Vitrale
  • Portofino - Cala Vitrale
  • Portofino - Cala Vitrale
  • Portofino - Cala Vitrale
  • Portofino - Cala Vitrale
  • Portofino - Cala Vitrale
Difficulty Medium
Time 25"
Signs NONE
Passing through

The "medium" difficulty that we have attributed to this short route is dictated by the fact that the lack of signs at the beginning and end of path and some steps covered with tall grass can doubt about the direction. But the trail itself is not difficult and can reach in a short time, a beautiful cove, not crowded.

Arriving in Portofino in Piazza della Libertà (the square at the entrance of the village where there are parking lots of scooters), take Via Vitrale, the stone staircase that you see right next to the covered garage.
A small group of houses could suggest a private road, but in fact, overcome them, the trail continues to the right with another staircase that climbs the mountain.


When you reach a crossroads, continue straight ahead on the left on the trail that could be covered with tall grass (it seems that the cleaning is done only a few times during the year) and be careful where you tread because it is not clear exactly where it ends the path.

After about 10 minutes you encounter a gate to prevent access to the many wild pigs that inhabit the Monte of Portofino and the first indication for Vitrale. As you can see from the cleanliness of this stretch of path you are inside a private property, you pass through, to arrive at a small characteristic stone tunnel.
Coming out of a second gate awaits a well-maintained trail that runs alongside the first privately owned, down to the sea, offering some views of remarkable beauty.


When you get near the "House of Mayor" means the building perched on the cliff, you have to provide a little attention because the trail is camouflaged by tall grass. Go through the house and immediately left, try to find some stone steps that descend and gradually become a real staircase by which you can easily reach the rocks.

To return, follow the same route.

08/07/2019: Two friends tell us that it is impossible to go all the way due to the lack of about 1.5 meters of steps probably damaged by the October 2018 storm.

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