Santa Margherita Ligure - Pietre strette - San Fruttuoso - Base 0 - Felciara - Bocche - SML

Trekking Santa Margherita Ligure - Pietre strette - San Fruttuoso - Base 0 - Felciara - Bocche - SML
  • Trekking Santa Margherita Ligure - Pietre strette - San Fruttuoso - Base 0 - Felciara - Bocche - SML
Difficulty Medium
Time 4h 40'
Distance km. 8,800
Signs segnavia + segnavia + segnavia
Passing through

via CostaseccaThe departure is in Via Costasecca (20 meters above sea level) right next to the hospital and after about 300m, you leave the paved driveway on the right to continue on a footpath.
It is private property and along sides and after twenty minutes there is a first detour to places Nozarego; always go on following the two diamonds (segnavia).

After another 10 minutes, alternating stretches of roadway with a gravel path, we reach the second road to the location Nozarego, from here on, the path becomes quite steep with steps often high and irregular until arriving at "Costa d'aria "by crossing a short detour that leads to the" Cross of San Siro "(2 minutes), an old Cross in 1937.

The path continues uphill after a few meters crossing the detour to Mount Pollone and after another 15 minutes the deviation for  Dolcina alta and San Lorenzo della Costa.

The last stretch of climb is very steep but just as exciting, it crosses the path "Pierte strette - Portofino", turn right after 5 minutes of walking on level ground, you get to Pietre strette (600 meters above sea level), equipped with benches, wooden tables and a tap for drinking water.
The route is about 95% of its development in the shadow of Ilex, chestnut and oak.

The well marked trail, which leads to San Fruttuoso, starting behind the rocks with hairpin turns and drops, in the bush. After about 20 minutes you'll reach a spring water tap (here we can supply fresh water) and, shortly afterwards, an old mill, now restored and converted into a farmhouse.rubinetto Casella

From here, alternate sections sunny, in the midst of bands cultivated with olive trees, and more shaded sections, along a small stream, until the sixteenth century Torre Doria, well worth a visit. Another hundred meters to access outside of the church and then to the picturesque village.

For those who love fresh fish, can not miss a stop for lunch in one of the restaurants on the beach.San Fruttuoso Abbey

The return in the direction it faces "Base 0", with a course challenging enough, given the climb, quite steep in some places, there are plenty of panoramic views, numerous and very unique, especially over the bay of San Fruttuoso. After about 45 minutes to get to Base "0" (220 meters above sea level.

Continuing to rise, take the left path and past the Coast Ghidelli Ghidelli and you arrive in town Felciara (436mt above sea level), characterized as the name implies, a dense vegetation of Fern, and here you can take advantage of benches wood and tables to rest and catch your breath ...

Continue in the direction of "Bocche" and in less than 10 minutes to get to the turnoff for Pietre strette (remind a faucet for drinking water), rising to the left, after another 5 minutes on the outward path crosses the path leading down to Via Costasecca, always next to the hospital.

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From 4h to 5h

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