Chignero - Manico del Lume - Chignero

Chignero - Manico del Lume - Chignero
  • Chignero - Manico del Lume - Chignero
  • Chignero - Manico del Lume - Chignero
  • Chignero - Manico del Lume
  • Chignero - Manico del Lume
  • Chignero - Manico del Lume
  • Chignero - Manico del Lume
Difficulty Medium - high
Time 2h 40'
Lenght Km 3,100
Segnavia segnavia+ + triangolo vuoto+ segnavia
Dislivello 365m - 776m | dislivello positivo 482m | dislivello positivo 458m
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Trail difficulty legend


Trail without particular difficulties and suitable for everyone.


Slightly challenging path but without difficult passages.


Moderately difficult trail with some demanding passages.


Trail for expert hikers.

We present you a circular itinerary from Chignero, a small village 5 km from the Rapallo motorway exit, which we recommend to do on clear days, possibly starting in the morning, to fully enjoy the incredible panorama. It is also to be avoided after the rain which makes the return path somewhat slippery. We also point out that there are no sources of water along the way.

Chignero can be reached following the road to San Pietro di Novella, after passing the Hospital proceeed ahead for 5 kms passing through "Sant'Andrea di Foggia" and than you'll reach the end of the carriage road near the Chignero's church (next to the private car parks, there are are some others free). The alternative is to use the buses (see here the timetables before leaving because there are not many trips and on Sundays they are only on request).

On the left of the church, take the private asphalt road turning on the left after few meter following and after 10 meters.
After passing a nice stone cottage, the path climbs narrow between shrubs on one side and dry stone walls on the other.

Continue straight on the path which, after passing a last house, sneaks into the woods to lead you to a small wooden bridge that you have to cross, arriving shortly after at a first crossroads. Turn right following the clear signs for Serra. Now the route consists of irregular stone steps interrupted by some flat sections.

The path soon exits the wood to cross a very open area that offers a panoramic view of the Portofino promontory and the surrounding valleys. Walking along the well marked path finished with stones, without any difficulty you find yourself on the ridge, from where you can also see the Val Fontanabuona.

Continue straight and after passing last house, the trail continues into the woods to lead you to a small wooden bridge that you cross to reach the first crossroads. Turn right and follow the signs to clear Serra. Now the path is made up of irregular stone steps interspersed with a few flat stretches.

In short, the trail leaves the woods to cross a very open area that offers a panoramic view from the promontory of Portofino and the surrounding valleys. Along the well marked path finished in stone, without any difficulty, you find yourself on the ridge, where you can admire the Fontanabuona Valley.

When you reach a fork in the road, continue to the right on the uphill path indicated by XX and segnavia which leads you, for a very short stretch in the woods. After 100 meters, you have to leave the XX to follow the trail sign that takes you back to the crest of the mountain.

A steep but exciting climb leads to a pylon of light by which you begin to see the destination. From here the path became most challenging, but surmountable with a minimum of care. In fact, to reach the summit you have to overcome a few short steps, first downhill and then uphill on rocks partly aided with chains. On top of the Manico del Lume there are, in addition to a 360 degree view, a cross and the CAI panel indicating the names of all the surrounding mountains.

To return to Chignero you have to take the path on the opposite side of the cross which initially has two signposts: segnaviaand segnavia. At the fork, paying close attention because the path is not very evident, keep to the right to follow the red line (segnavia), constantly present on trees and stones but in some cases a bit erased and sometimes difficult to spot, which will guide you along the way back down. The path initially descends into the woods to continue in a stretch surrounded by brambles. Your descent continues with a series of small stone steps that flank some abandoned ruins.

A few meters after the last renovated and inhabited cottage, you find yourself on the path of the outward journey, above the church of Chignero.

Update February 2019 : the upward stretch is in a good state of maintenance, a sign of the Ente Parco Portofino has been added, at Passo Serra, and other chains in some passages that before they did not.
On the downward stretch, however, the trail markers in the woods are not always visible and some are a little discolored, you must pay attention especially in the first part.

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