Portofino Vetta - Gaixella - Toca - Semaforo nuovo - San Rocco - Portofino Vetta

Portofino Vetta - Gaixella - Toca - Semaforo nuovo - San Rocco - Portofino Vetta
  • Portofino Vetta - Gaixella - Toca - Semaforo nuovo - San Rocco - Portofino Vetta
Difficulty Medium-Low
Time 2h 10'
Length km. 7,800
Signs + segnavia +segnavia +segnavia
Passing through

At Portofino Vetta can only be reached by their own means or by foot Ruta; parking (free) is located 200 meters before the hotel.accesso parco di portofino

There are two entrances to the paths, one across the parking lot and the other at the end of the road, behind the hotel.

Entering the park, continue on the main road Pietre Strette up to place Gaixella (412mt. above sea level). Here is the only drinking tap water all the way.

Turn right, proceed along the flat trail (uphill leads to the Semaforo Vecchio) that alternates shaded by trees in the most scenic stretches, shortly after the road starts to climb up to place named Paradiso (sea level 435mt.)

Rocca del falco punto panoramico nel Parco di PortofinoAfter a small shelter (currently closed) above the road, the signs indicate, to the right, a viewpoint that is just a few minutes, it is the Rocca del Falco, a natural terrace overlooking Camogli, and the entire Gulf paradise.

Back on the trail starting in 10 minutes to get to place Toca (453 mt. Asl), a small crossroads equipped with benches and tables.

Following the path marked by a red triangle (segnavia Toca - Semaforo nuovo), in 5 minutes you reach the large square on which stands Semaforo Nuovo.

From this position, not only enjoys a wide view ranging from Capo Mele to Tino island, but you can see the different types of vegetation in the park and a large variety of birds. The place is worth stopping to admire the scenery and enjoy the tranquility (except the landing of any helicopter of the Fire Brigade).

Resuming the march back to Toca but here, instead of the way the first leg, take the left lane that begins to fall in the midst of hazelnut trees. Although the path is developed almost entirely in the midst of shady valleys, presents a number of more open with beautiful views of Punta Chiappa and Camogli.

In Fornelli (238mt.slm), the descent meets the road for "Batterie" into the right path forward between plots of land, gradually you get closer to residential areas, are increasingly well-maintained.

Through the houses of La Mortola and Poggio, with a stretch of road that runs parallel to the sea, we arrive at the forecourt of the Church of San Rocco di Camogli (210 meters above sea level.).Agriturismo e abitazioni La Mortola San Rocco

The village offers a small, but valuable, selection of shops, bars and restaurants for a possible lunch stop.

To get back into the "top" take the path that starts just behind the church, and once through the houses of Galletti, after a stretch in the open where you can admire on the walls of the houses and along the path, features painted tiles they retrace the steps of the Via Crucis, the trail enters the woods with a smooth path (after the rains this trait is particularly muddy).

After about 35 minutes, the trail comes in the place Gaixella, from where, by the same route, you arrive in Portofino Vetta.

Please note that Along the way, change the signs, but they are all well marked.

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