Lavagna - Valle dei Berissi - Monte Capenardo - Santa Giulia

Valle dei Berissi - Monte Capenardo - Santa Giulia - Lavagna
  • Valle dei Berissi - Monte Capenardo - Santa Giulia - Lavagna
Difficulty Medium
Duration 4h 50'
Length Km 16,300
Footpath signs  Cerchio pieno  + Sentiero liguria
Dislivello 4m - 693m | dislivello positivo 834m | dislivello positivo 835m
PartenzaStarting point
Passing through

A ring trail leads to the top of Monte Capenardo crossing the Valle dei Berissi , a unique area, recently enhanced and promoted by the Talking Stones Association, made up of characteristic dry stone walls in slate, quarries, mills testifying to an important rural past.

The starting point is at Lavagna at the beginning of Salita S. Bernardo a pedestrian street, part of the Vie dell'Ardesia , which detaches from the city center to skirt the Rio Fravega and climb, in about 15 minutes, to the hamlet San Bernardo, a picturesque village that you cross to find yourself immediately above a connecting flyover to the other part of this locality, where the chapel stands.

Take the driveway to the left for a few meters to follow the path under the road which descends into the woods and after a flat stretch it begins to climb between strips and small villages, with characteristic stone houses; after the last house, continue on a concrete slope that leads to the provincial road.
Continuing for 300 meters to the left on the asphalted road you will arrive in the locality Chighina, where, on the right, the stairway that climbs towards Crocetta begins. The small town can be reached in about twenty minutes, along a pleasant stretch in the woods, all uphill.

You come out on the paved road, continuing on it to the left for about fifty meters following immediately to the right the path that goes between the houses, which now has the signpost Cerchio pieno. You walk between cultivated strips, crossing the asphalted road a couple of times, until you enter the woods again which, through a fairly tiring climb, leads up to Monte Rocchette where there is a bench with a wooden table .

Now continue to the right towards Monte Capenardo (693 meters above sea level) which can be reached with a simple path in the woods, alternating with some more open stretches with a beautiful view of the Gulf, after about 900 meters of walking. You immediately go down to the right following a very artisanal sign indicating the direct route to Monte Costello; along the first few meters you are surrounded by brambles that make the path a bit narrow, but still passable and after about twenty minutes and 1.5km you will arrive at a crossroads with the path that immediately goes down to the right towards our next destination (a few meters ahead you can take advantage of the large open space set up with benches and table to rest a little).

Take the path mentioned above towards Barassi: a pleasant 1.8 km descent that develops, mainly downhill, in a beautiful forest to end on a dirt road.
Going along it towards right, you do not enter the village (which, however, is worth a visit) but you reach the paved road to Sorlana which leaves after about 300 meters to go down to the left and go up again in order to avoid a stretch of driveway, thus crossing a landscape more interesting area.
Returning to the driveway, follow up to the bend, near a stone cottage, where you take the path that walks, on the left, just above the road and passing between the houses leads to the church of Sorlana.

From here, with a short staircase, you go down on the provincial road that you have to follow to the right for about 2.6km to get under the church of Santa Giulia, where immediately on the left you can find the red circle that guides , along a simple path of about 2 km, down to Lavagna near the starting point.

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