Camogli - San Rocco - Pietre strette - S. Margherita Ligure

Camogli - San Rocco - Pietre strette - S. Margherita Ligure
  • Camogli - San Rocco - Pietre strette - S. Margherita Ligure
Difficulty Medium - Low
Time 2h 40'
Length km. 6,370
Signs segnavia camogli San Rocco + segnavia + quadrato +segnavia

Passing through

The trail begins on S. Bartolomeo street (20mt. above sea level), the small street at the end of the parking lot where the police station,along the first part, the Gentile torrent.

The trail continues with a climb, consisting mainly of stairs (about 900), which, passing through olive groves and tall walls that hidebeautiful villas, emerges in the churchyard of the Church of San Rocco (220mt. above sea level).

scalinata Camogli San Rocco

The splendid view of the Paradise Gulf and Punta Chiappa also accompanies the initial stretch of the trail that leads into place, Pietre strette, the trail begins behind the church, and climbs through the olive groves, passing through the village of Galletti, and then advancing in woods until Gaixella place (412 meters above sea level.) staging point equipped with benches, tables, and tap water.

This stretch of road, as you can see from the ceramics on the facades of houses and the small altar in the woods, was once the "Via Crucis."

From Gaixella crossroads, turn right, short and so easy to reach the heart of Portofino, as well as the staging point, Pietre strette(464 meters above sea level.)

Keeping the main path towards the sea Portofino, after about 10 'minutes on the left, you meet the detour, camouflaged by large rocks, to Santa MargheritaLigure.
via costasecca Santa Margherita Ligure

The descent, which winds through a shady valley, is quite steep and has some sections a little uneven in place to Croce di San Siro (306mt. above sea level). From there continues in the midst of villas and gardens, offering panoramic views of San Lorenzo della Costa, on the one hand, and the sea on the other.

The route ends at the beginning of Via Costasecca, near the hospital of SantaMargherita Ligure.

Data sheet

From 2h to 3h

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