Camogli - San Rocco - Punta Chiappa

Camogli - San Rocco - Punta Chiappa
  • Camogli - San Rocco - Punta Chiappa
Difficulty Low
Time 1h
Lenght km. 2,900
Signs signs Camogli - San Rocco +

Passing through

The trail begins on Via San Bartolomeo (20mt. above sea level), the small street at the end of the parking lot where the police station, along the first part, the Gentile torrent.
The trail continues with a climb, consisting mainly of stairs (about 900), which, passing through olive groves and tall walls that hide beautiful villas, emerges in the churchyard of the Church of San Rocco (220mt. above sea level)gatto di San Rocco di Camogli
Here, in addition to admire the wonderful view, you can continue for several directions: Portofino Vetta, San Fruttuoso or Punta Chiappa, and it is to Punta Chiappa to continue our journey.

The "path" is not marked by any symbol, but the clear indications of the Park of Portofino allows you to travel without difficulty.

Beyond the square of the church of San Rocco continue on Via Mortola, the beautiful promenade overlooking the sea, and after 200 meters turn right down the steep staircase.

The trail moves through shaded in some points, in the midst of some houses to the small square of the medieval church of St. Nicholas Capodimonte, which is worth stopping to visit the church and to admire the view.

From here the possibilities to reach the sea are two: continue along the easy and short staircase that reaches to Punta Chiappa (3mt. above sea level) through the picturesque village of Porto Pidocchio or take the small road on the left of the church.

We recommend, for the descent to choose for the latter path, and beat just a little 'irregular, but still easy, which runs under the pine trees, offering beautiful panoramic views of the bay that leads directly to Punta Chiappa, the unique language of rock which extends to the sea.stemma di Punta Chiappa

A walkway parallel to the reef, where you follow a few restaurants, connecting the "Punta" with the little cove of Porto Pidocchio ending in Mulino del Moro.

From here you can go back to San Rocco, with a flight of steps about 1000, in San Nicholas, the path that joins the first leg.

For the less "athletics", an alternative to return by feet to Camogli, is the boat that is in less than 20 minutes will take you back to the marina.

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Up to 1h

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