Portofinotrek joins Tree Nation

Portofinotrek has decided to make a small but concrete contribution to the fight against climate change by joining the Tree-Nation project,an internationally recognized non-profit organization committed to combating deforestation and its consequences:

  • excessive concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • rising temperatures
  • hydrogeological risks of the territory; the extinction of numerous plant and animal species.

The Tree-nation website was designed to offer companies and ordinary citizens the opportunity to plant trees all over the world with a few simple steps and at very affordable costs.

There are three options for supporting reforestation:

- Planting trees: Simply select the country where you want to plant trees based on the projects opened by Tree-nation, the tree species, the number of plants and, once the payment has been made, the plant will be planted in the name of the account holder.
The summary sheet also shows the amount of CO2 that is offset by the trees planted.
You can also choose whether to do this action once, monthly or annually.

- Offer trees: Same procedure as for the first option but the plant will be planted in the name of the person to whom you want to give it, who will be informed of the gift via email with a personalized message from the buyer.
An original and sustainable gift.

- Zero Net citizen: A monthly plan, chosen from 3 different types of subscriptions, to offset CO2 emissions with the number of trees corresponding to the chosen plan.
At the beginning of each month Tree-nation will send an email to the buyer informing them of the new trees planted (click here to reat more).

For us, the first step was to register on the platform, giving life to the Portofinotrek Forest, and a page with all the details of our contribution to reforestation, which allows you to monitor the progress of the projects we participate in.

Net zero websiteWe started with a small gesture called Net Zero Website, a free service (up to 10 million views per year) which can be obtained simply by inserting a code on the site which allows us to calculate the CO2 emissions of our Portofinotrek.com website based on the number of visits, consequently planting the number of trees necessary to offset these CO2 emissions.

This was followed by participation in Eden Projects-Madagascar, a project born to solve the serious problem of forest degradation in Madagascar, caused by the production of charcoal and the excessive collection of wood used for various purposes including cooking and building, through the planting of mangroves.

Currently our commitment to increase the virtual Portofinotrek forest continues with an initiative connected to the purchase of our trail map, in order to realize and increase the planting of new trees in different parts of the world.

For every 3 maps sold on our website, we will purchase a new tree for one of the many active projects on the Tree-nation platform.

In this way, in addition to contributing with minimal effort to a cause that is extremely important for the well-being of all of us, we hope to raise awareness for other people.

By clicking on this link you can monitor the growth of Portofinotrek forest.

Below, a short video presentation of Tree-nation organization.

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