Nativo Energy: 100% natural and vegan energy bars

When a 5/6 hour day trip is organized in Liguria, which also includes a lunch stop, it is practically a must to pack a "slerfa" (specific Genoese unit of measurement) of focaccia: normal, with onions, with sage, with cheese. There is something for all tastes, it is quick to eat, it is moderately cheap and mainly, it is so very very good!!!

A very tasty food in which the abundance of oil and salt soon makes itself felt, causing thirst and a sense of heaviness, two conditions that make the continuation of the activity more difficult, especially when the path is long and there are no water taps We personally experienced it during a trekking in the summer, in which we not only suffered a lot from thirst but, after a few hours from the lunch break, we noticed a drop in energy.

From this moment on, our choice to abandon pizzas, focaccia and similar foods, switching to energy bars even if we are not convinced that a small snack could replace a meal; but it was enough to try them once to change our minds. During the whole journey we did not feel the stimulus of hunger, we felt light but strong and the thirst did not torment us.

Initially, our first choice turned to energy bars for sale at the supermarket, with one eye on the ingredients and one on the price, thus trying different brands, all on average good and without obvious differences from each other.

Until our continuous search for natural products, possibly organic, led us to discover NATIVO ENERGY, an online sales website of energy bars and dried fruit, 100% natural, vegan and organic without dyes, without preservatives, without artificial flavors and above all refined sugars added.

The type of website that we like, convinced supporters that a balanced and healthy diet is synonymous with health and that has encouraged us to know more about this small Tuscan artisan company, born for "play" and now a reference point for many sportsmen.

Thus we discover that, in addition to the attention to strictly Italian ingredients, of quality and mainly coming from small companies, Nativo has preferred the low temperature drying to traditional cooking, a process that has the double benefit: lower environmental impact and guarantees the maintenance of the nutritional characteristics of the ingredients.

After all these premises, the next step was to taste them.

The package contains an assortment of bars and dried fruit in single transparent packages, vacuum-packed (to guarantee better conservation) with detailed indication of ingredients and nutritional values. The inviting packaging is not disappointed by the tasting that takes place after a long indecision dictated by the choice of the four flavors proposed: dates and almonds; coconut and buckwheat; hazelnut and apricot; carubba and cashews.

Between one excursion and the next, we had the opportunity to taste them all, they are more delicious than the other, in particular the carubba and anarcardi taste for its flavor very similar to chocolate. Compared to the bars we tried previously, we must recognize that they are tastier enough to conquer even our most skeptical trekking companions towards this type of snack and even our friend with lactose intolerance can eat them without problem.

But the real revelation was the fruit chips.

We honestly did not think that a dried fruit could keep the same flavor as the fresh one and instead they completely won us over: small sheets, which look like noodles, in the mouth release the fresh apple flavor flavored with ginger, while the banana slices are more full-bodied and sweet ... now we just have to taste the kiwis.
An excellent alternative to fresh fruit providing the same energy but definitely more practical and less bulky.


  • 100% natural
  • Vegan and organic
  • Low glycemic load
  • No added sugars
  • Without preservatives and artificial flavors
  • Dried at low temperature
  • Handcrafted
  • Vacuum packed
  • Perfect for endurance sports (biking, Mtb, running, trail running, trekking, cimbing)